September 22, 2010

Saga does Puberty

It's funny how inspiration works. I might see a girl wearing a teal silk blouse with fluro-green nail varnish. It might inspire me to try a new colour pallette the next day. Someone else might see a painting and be inspired to resultingly put together a photoshoot. Such was the case with London based blogger/photographer Saga Sig of The Never Ending Story. When she saw this painting titled 'puberty' by Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch, she immediately started rounding up her troops and put together this Virgin Suicides meets Lolita pictorial story.

Photos: Saga
Styling: Suki Sou
Makeup: Thomas de Kluyver
Hair: Elvire Roux
Models: Aysche and Olga from FM model agency, Nia and Rebecca from


September 17, 2010

Mirror Mirror Agencies x Fashion Falsehood

As some of you may remember this post about the MMA launch calling for volunteers. Well, whom ever volunteered must have worked their little butts off because the launch is only a few sleeps away!

MMA will be launching this Wednesday, September 22 at Lightspace Studios: 30 Light St, Fortitude Valley.

In conjunction with Fashion Falsehood, MMA are offering all my readers a special offer on ticket prices.  Simply mention Fashion Falsehood when buying tickets online though emailing and get your pre-sale ticket at the special price of $17, instead of the regular $25 at the door. For more information visit the Facebook event or email with your questions.

See you there!


September 14, 2010

Tavi slammed as "curvy" by The New Yorker

Tavi Gevinson, fourteen-year-old blogger (otherwise known as the Style Rookie) has been slammed as "curvy" by New Yorker writer Lizzie Widdicombe.

I don't have access to the full eight page article on The New Yorker, but from the abstract, I sense that Widdicombe is maybe sporting a little chip on her shoulder. Perhaps she had an akward journey through puberty and feels the need to take it out on someone who is blossiming through the otherwise generally un-easy period of developing life.

"She is tiny for her age, four feet ten, and looks shockingly prepubescent," Widdicombe said. Perhaps that's because she is pre-pubescent. I looked like a boy until just before I turned sixteen. I had narrow akward hips, broad bony shoulders and un-cordinated tooth-pick limbs to match. Then one morning it seemed I had woken up with hips or "love handles", my arms and legs were shapley and these two jiggly things had attached themselves to my chest. It's rare that one goes from pre-pubescent to pre-pubescent-amazonian without a few bumps in the road in between, and even rarer that the genetically blessed among us (models) skip this process all together.

Widdicombe is further quoted in the article commenting on Tavi's physique in one of her recent outfits. "The dress was sleveless," she said. "You could see that her figure had changed dramatically since the earliest days of her blog. She had become curvy."

No shit. The earliest days of her blog being that Tavi was eleven. Hello?! Eleven. Of course her body is going to change. What's with the tunnel vision? We know that in modelling, the shorter girls have to compensate with a thinner frame, but Tavi isn't a model, she's a blogger. An insightful, eloquent, precocious, whip-smart, level headed nice girl in an industry that eats nice girls for breakfast. Sure, there's the novelty of her age in ratio to her success, but please do keep in mind that Tavi isn't a daughter of a rocker, designer or art dealer. The surname printed on her birth cirfiticate didn't seal her fate as a Missoni, Jagger or Versace. Sure, Tavi is that one in a million, but regardless of her involvement in the fashion industry, is it right for girls as young as fourteen be labelled as curvy? I hardly think so.

As one commenter in an NY Mag article said, "girls have thrown up for a lot less".

image via: Style Rookie

September 10, 2010

Abbey-Lee reveals new hair at NYFW

Pictures of Abbey-lee Kershaw's new platinum hair colour surfaced just hours ago on @Modelinia and the frenzy has already begun with Tommy Ton's tweet fueling the fire to collectively over 135000 followers.

When quizzed by Modelinia on her new colour Abbey said she got her hair only a few days ago. "I did it like two days ago," she said. "It took seven hours and I didn’t speak for another four hours. I just made the decision that I needed a change. I’ve never dyed my hair before. Also I think that with the cut that I’ve got, it was the time to go white.” 

A friend bbm'd (Blackberry messaged) me the twitpic taken at a Chanel party at NYFW, and the first thing I asked myself was "didn't frockwriter just do a post on the popularity of Abbey's Chanel bob aka the Kob?" Sure enough I click through to Patty's blog and she's already posted the photo.

It seems Abbey is just too fast for us, the moment we begin adding low-lights, hacking our locks off asking for the Kob, she's immediately got us regretting the decision and instead reaching for the industrial sized bottle of bleach.