April 28, 2009


Remeber the schoolyard days when it was cool to be ano and all the girls compared thinspo?

Fuck that.

props to the girl above cos she's wearing socks with her heels

I'm sooo lez right now

Okay okay so going lez is a pretty big thing but I can justify - I promise!

I was hanging around at uni enjoying a prefectily rolled cigarette today when this girl, this mysterious girl in the cutest outfit imaginable, rode past me on her vintage bike. My jaw dropped at the sight of this florally adorened vision. She was wearing black stockings, black leather jiffies, a dark floral sundress and a long grey cardigan with a large beige flower in her curly, tousled, sun bleached hair. All of this, atop her vintage white bike with a large flower basket holding her bag and her books strapped with leather belts to the back tray.

I know riding bikes has been a big thumbs up for female celebs for the past half year or whatever, so I've decided to do a post of my favourite images.

Which one of these girls would you turn lez for?

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April 27, 2009

Shoe Heaven

So I was just checking out the latest Maurie and Eve Winter 09 collection "I see Darkness" and nearly wet my pants when I saw the shoes.
I have no idea who they're by and can't be bothered waiting for a nonchalant reply from an unsympathetic receptionist at M & E.
Can anyone puh-lease I.D them for me?

They remind me of these heels MK used to get around in, but way, way more fierce.

Retail therapy

So last year in July I was in Melbourne (again, I know, I know) for my friends birthday and spent the weekend getting pissed with our fake IDs and going shopping. Anyway I bought these heels (above) and after about 40 weekends of falling out of taxi's and being a general drunk mess, they have finally broken. I'm not talking about a little scratch on the front and I'm ready to send them off to high heel heaven. I'm talking the heel plug has worn down and I've been stumbling around on the raw inner heel, the buckles are broken, the high heel is slightly detached from the sole and the shitty stitching has frayed so much it looks like I'm trying to pull off the "fringed" look and failed dismally, like the girl in this previous post.

As you've probably gathered, I wear my clothes/shoes until they fall apart. This could be due to my constant lack of money, genuine issues with attachment or maybe I was supposed to be born a boy.

Anyway, I've decided to throw them out because I literally can't walk in them anymore without rolling an ankle. Coming to this decision was like ending a relationship you don't really want to end, but you do because you think it's the best thing for you at the time and then two weeks later you're still smelling his clothes and watching movies that contain sex scenes just to try and remember what it was like being with that person (or in this case, that shoe).

Which is why I went out yesterday and bought the exact same pair of heels, for $100 less than I originally paid. I'm stoked to have them back, better than ever, but is it sad that I just can't let go?

April 25, 2009

"Show us ya bobbies!"

Holy fuck. I just realised how much I miss my bobby socks (above). I LOST THEM like two weeks ago and it feels like there is seriously something missing in my life.

So much so that I'm asking all of you to email me a picture of you in your bobby socks or someone else in their bobbies (with the link/credit) and I'll do a post featuring these soon.

What fashion item are you missing lately?

April 24, 2009

Wanna be in my gang?

Have you ever recieved an outlandish comment from someone and you don't know whether to be offended or flattered? I am currently in that predicament - but I'm leaning towards opting for flattery.

My situation? A friend pointed me in the direction of this cute blog, asking if I knew the author. Puzzled, I checked out the blog and BAM! There I am, my face, smack-bang, plain-as-day featured on this blog in a three month old picture from a music festival. This would be the flattering part, no? Considering we were hanging out with Mark Hunter that day and then later on in the evening, I'm flattered she picked me off his website as someone she would like to associate with and/or draw inspiration from. But the catch is, the statement below said image mentions how she had just enjoyed a picnic with the gang - implying I am in her gang and we recently picniced?

Weird, or wonderful?

You decide.

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April 23, 2009

It's a....!

Cape. I'm happy to settle with this term, however the two NYC girls in my last post just don't seem to be wearing capes - they're sleeved. The girl on the left's garment has a cape collar to die for and the girl on the right - those pleats are so school girl they make me want to dance around in my bobby socks. I love it! I'd team it with a poets blouse for that extra academic edge.

And now for my collection of wants:

Lover SS09

Sonia Rykiel AW07

Behnaz Sarafpour AW09

Thankyou to style.com's categories search, you've saved me.. again <3

April 22, 2009

Is it a bird, a plane?

So I've got a cold, I've stayed up all night sneezing and sipping my decaf green tea in search for the correct terminology of this garment (pictured below). Without any help from the Fashionista community, I have thus far come up with the following:
  • cloak
  • cape
  • cloak-cape-worn-as-a-dress
I'll update tomorrow with more images of this mysterious item. But most likely the name will be completely obvious, I'll look the fool and as a result of my ignorance I will recoil in defeat and profusely apologise for wasting your time. Until then... happy hunting.


Hold on. Why do they have matching boots? The Olsens were cute when they dressed the same for like, five seconds.

Stellar Coachella

Unfortunately, Coachella this year hasn't lived up to its fashion standards, merely coughing up only a few inspiring styles. The rest was a kaleidoscopic mess of technicolour ethnic prints, fluro, suede/leather tassels, gladiators, playsuits, slogan tees, wayfarers and tragic displays of american-indian "tribal" dressing.

What the fuck happened to originality: the ability to think and act independently? Has Coachella sold out and the desert of Indio now mimics the setting of a cheap retail outlet, or have the hipsters got so caught up in channelling M.I.A that they're crouching in the back alley getting some dude to forge the birthplace on their birth cirtificate from California trailor park to Sri Lanka?

And the award for overkill goes to...

Linlee Allen for style.com

PS. Why style.com did so poorly in their selection of stylish people is way too far beyond my comprehension.

Maybe it was all the acid.

April 21, 2009

Why is the male silhouette so fucked?

Don't get me wrong - I'm an advocate for change and I appreciate dramatic lines and silhouettes for the sake of portraying ability and avant garde creativity; but when we are asked to accept these drop-crutch pants that imply fashionably induced ball-sagging and sweaters/blazers/teeshirts that are so long he may aswell be donning a kilt, one can't help but wonder.

What happened to the days when men dressed like men instead of pushing the envelope so they can get away with dressing like depressed, frumpy old women?

Helmut Lang AW09
Victor & Rolf AW09

April 14, 2009

old blogs

The following are old blogs I have written in the past - stretching back to early 2006. I can't remember the dates of when they were written but they're pieces I wrote some time ago.

sometimes i try so hard to stare, to escape, to let my eyes glaze over and remember exactly what it feels like. your touch. i replay every second until it's perfect, trying to hold onto my last pieces of immediate memory, until i lie and makeup my own version where you took me further away from everyone else. focus. your face is so much more than just a face up close. your look. you're killing me with that look. your eyes scare me for a second, as you scour me with intrigue. source my soul. i don't want you to see it but i want more than anything for you to see it. to pair with it and run away. you look so hard for it, and then you find it and i'm naked. i could tell you things that are no longer secret. i keep lying to my self and you lay on my chest listening to my peacefully anxious heart. my chest rises, then your chest falls. we co-ordinate our breathing. i can feel you smiling. i'm smiling too. you're warm, and i'm finally here. i reach you but you pull away and it's suddenly winter. the spot where you were gets a cold shock and my skin prickles and yearns for you to come back. it's raining and you're not here. it's all in my head. some of it happened but its all a mess of the past and lust and i'm confused. my eyes re-focus and i'm torn away from my thoughts of you. where is my umbrella? come back sun.

stories traded by the most familiar of voices. you haven't heard them in so long, but it feels like only yesterday when you were listening to their soft words. travels and accomplishments, heartache and mishaps. tales of a journey, tales of the dead-end. like magnets, plus and minus will always draw to each other. these are the true companions. the ones you haven't seen since you cant remember. yet when they do come back, it's like no one ever left. we pick up where we left off, like a good book put away, then brought back out and dusted off to finish reading. we're turning the pages, steady. one at a time. each when needed. it's the most comforting of friendships and i hope that the beautiful ability to separate and re-connect so instantaneously with you never goes away.

i think poetry harmonised with sound is one of the most beautiful things that a person or group of people can create. music brings the divided world together proving that the simple sensation of sound hitting the ear drum is one of our most powerful natural tools. being the universal language of mankind; there’s no denying that everybody speaks, knows, feels, appreciates and lives music. everything is music; love is music and music is love. it is a higher exposure than philosophy, a form of communication of unfathomable inner thoughts. it expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent, meaning that music is what feelings sound like - the voice of emotion.

We will circle each other in a metaphorical boxing match soon enough, dancing around one another delicately exchanging punches, blow for blow, in some momentous battle of epic proportions. Float like butterflies and sting like teddy bears, as I could do you no harm. Each jab is a cheek kiss, soul-searching question, mind-excavation, sunny-day picnic on a red and white checkered blanket with sun tea and poetry and serenades on acoustic guitars while you sit up in a tree and then I chase you around the sandbox and we remember being ten and after the fairy dust wears off I fall back into nineteen and just lay in the grass with you appreciating every single molecule on this earth until our conversation falls into flowery run-on sentences such as this one. I can't wait for you to bludgeon me in the face. Don't pull and punches, as I won't be. If you couldn't tell, I don't dip my foot in the pool to test its temperature and then, slowly but surely, inch-by-inch, submerge. I dive right in, headfirst, and drown myself.
- I didn't write this one. It was written by a poet who named himself Poem.