April 28, 2009

I'm sooo lez right now

Okay okay so going lez is a pretty big thing but I can justify - I promise!

I was hanging around at uni enjoying a prefectily rolled cigarette today when this girl, this mysterious girl in the cutest outfit imaginable, rode past me on her vintage bike. My jaw dropped at the sight of this florally adorened vision. She was wearing black stockings, black leather jiffies, a dark floral sundress and a long grey cardigan with a large beige flower in her curly, tousled, sun bleached hair. All of this, atop her vintage white bike with a large flower basket holding her bag and her books strapped with leather belts to the back tray.

I know riding bikes has been a big thumbs up for female celebs for the past half year or whatever, so I've decided to do a post of my favourite images.

Which one of these girls would you turn lez for?

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Anonymous said...

tHE THIRD ONE!!!the third one hahaha..
i feel like the first one is the obvious overtly sexy one BUT the third one - i love girls with long brunette hair and her bike-is so rad if we were seriously dating i could snag it ;d...her outfits too cute too

believe walking around greenwich village has turned me permanently half lez as you call it

Lola-Elise said...

LOL! haha..very funny post..wierd thing to think about.hmm..i think i would choose either number one even though she's very in your face or number three..


Noshabelle said...

Haha, I think I would go for the number three. Her outfit is so cute... ;)

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Lovin your blog!

Great taste!