April 27, 2009

Retail therapy

So last year in July I was in Melbourne (again, I know, I know) for my friends birthday and spent the weekend getting pissed with our fake IDs and going shopping. Anyway I bought these heels (above) and after about 40 weekends of falling out of taxi's and being a general drunk mess, they have finally broken. I'm not talking about a little scratch on the front and I'm ready to send them off to high heel heaven. I'm talking the heel plug has worn down and I've been stumbling around on the raw inner heel, the buckles are broken, the high heel is slightly detached from the sole and the shitty stitching has frayed so much it looks like I'm trying to pull off the "fringed" look and failed dismally, like the girl in this previous post.

As you've probably gathered, I wear my clothes/shoes until they fall apart. This could be due to my constant lack of money, genuine issues with attachment or maybe I was supposed to be born a boy.

Anyway, I've decided to throw them out because I literally can't walk in them anymore without rolling an ankle. Coming to this decision was like ending a relationship you don't really want to end, but you do because you think it's the best thing for you at the time and then two weeks later you're still smelling his clothes and watching movies that contain sex scenes just to try and remember what it was like being with that person (or in this case, that shoe).

Which is why I went out yesterday and bought the exact same pair of heels, for $100 less than I originally paid. I'm stoked to have them back, better than ever, but is it sad that I just can't let go?

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhahaha I finally just read this. You're too funny. Defs not sad - I'm sure I'd do exactly the same thing. (READ: I have genuine attachment though).

Best post ever - very carrie bradshaw