June 25, 2010

Style inspiration

On my break at Jesselle PR. Have seen tonnes of inspiring fashion today but none such as motivating as the post on FS Style by fellow Brisbane blogger Sara from Harper and Harley (don't worry, she's definitely not the aforementioned horror blogger).

She scored a fantastic gig regularly guest posting for my current blog obsession Frockshop Style. It's the blog behind Australian online store Frock Shop where, by the way, I made my very first ever online purchase. My georgette silk bow covered Zimmermann dress for my semi-formal. Sigh. Let's move on before I get all sentimental on you.

So basically she expresses her love for the current drape trend as seen on Lara Bingle and Alex Spencer.

Anyway, I ventured through Westfield Chermside yesterday in search for a pair of heels for my new dress which my boyfriend bought for me as a surprise! Squeal! As I'm far too picky for my own good and for those of you who have been with me on Fashion Falsehood from the very beginning will know that I'll wear a pair of shoes to death before I get a new pair, so I really, really have to have an extreme love affair with them before I make a purchase.

Ok I'm going really off topic. Sorry, I'm just really excited for cocktails tonight and I can't really concentrate.

Didn't find any shoes that I liked so instead decided to borrow my step mum's pair of Lisa Ho wedges. This gave me more time to freely browse the stores and see how the curren trends have been translated into high-street.

I noticed Bardot has done a fantastic job communicating slouchy khaki with a great selection of teeshirt dresses in cotton jersey and silk, cable knit army green midriff tops, khaki pants, cropped muddy green blazers and silk tunics all at fantastic price points. As someone who isn't a slave to fads, I convinced myself I'd be back to pick up a few pieces to inject some trend into my wardrobe.

Afterwards, I was immediately drawn into Portmans after spending ten minutes marvelling at the images of Jessica Hart in imitation Burberry trenches. I totally melted when I first saw them being sent down the runway, and now I can get my hands on my own unforgiving desiger copy! I went in and tried them on and they're actually fabulous. The draped folds of the knotted shoulders are completely to die for and I'm going in next week to pick one up in purple. Luckily it's a really light trench so I can wear it through winter and well into spring, but I'm going down to Melbourne for my birthday and I'm afraid I may have to leave it at home in lieu of a warmer coat.
Lily Donaldson in khakiBardot Pinhole Knit top $79.95
Burberry S/S10
Portmans Contrast Knot Shoulder Trench $159.95
Burberry S/S10
Portmans Mutton Sleeve Soft Trench $139.95
images: fashionising, portmans, bardot, style.com

June 16, 2010

Brisbane Bloggers

I know Brisbane is a very small place and whatever you say get's around, which is why I won't name and shame who I'm going to whine about. Let's take it from the beginning, shall we?

First of all, I LOVE Brisbane blogs! Coming from a city who doesn't make too much of a mess on the fashion richter scale, I get all warm and fuzzy when I read about fellow Brisbane bloggers or just see that their blogs are getting the praise they deserve. Maybe it's all in my head and I'm a little too patriotic for my own good, but I'd assumed that if and when I were to meet a fellow Brisbane blogger, it would be a lovely joyus occasion? We could talk about other blogs, up and coming projects and congratulate one another for "keeping up the good work"... Apparently not.

Last weekend I met one such Brisbane blogger. I saw her from afar and recognised her from her outfit posts. We used to comment each other quite a bit and built up what I would call quite a positive report. Again, apparently not.

I went over to introduce myself and say hello. I started talking about her blog and one of my favourite posts of hers before I was interrupred with "Excuse me, remind me who you are?"

A little set back I repeated that I was Miann from Fashion Falsehood and that it was really nice to meet her. This is when my blog-family-warm-and-fuzzy world came crashing down around me. I was blatantly told, to my face, "What, and I'm supposed to care? Get out of my way." And she pushed past me.

And that was it. I was left standing there looking and feeling like a complete idiot. I guess it is like they say "never meet your heroes", not that she was a hero or anything, I just liked her blog. But it's a funny thing when you idolise someone and what they do, only to find out that in real life they're a total fucking dissapointment. There, I said it. You're a rude bitch and I ashed in your drink later on in the night when I saw you again out the back. Glad that's off my chest.

If any other Brisbane bloggers are reading this, don't worry. It wasn't you. She shut her blog down a while ago. Maybe that's why she is so bitter, she doesn't have anywhere to vent or post pretty pictures! BUT! Maybe we should make it like Melbourne and organise a blogger lunch. Those Melbournites seem to have plenty of pretty blogger luncheons. I think it's our turn. As for you blogger-bitch of the century. Good riddance. We were all getting over your iPhone, mirror-shot outfit posts of you at work. Yawn.

Anyway, for the sake of relevance, here is my only photo from the night. Oh! Holding my BlackBerry. I got it replaced and life is good again!!

Miann xx

June 2, 2010

Dannii Minogue Headpiece

The past few days channel 7 had been running adds for last night's epidose of Australia's Got Talent. What's so exciting about that? You may ask your self. Well, typical shallow me was more drawn to watching last night's episode by the fashion far more than the 'talent' that was promised.

On the adds I caught a glimpse of Dannii Minogue's head piece and decided I would set aside the time to sit through the show to try and catch the credits at the end to see who the hosts were dressed by. Also typical me - I fell asleep. My friends can vouch for how much I over-sleep and I think it's gotten past the whole "ohh it's just her teenage hormones". Seriously, I'd sleep through World War 3 if I willed myself to.

Anyway, below are some screen shots from this youtube video of Dannii in the head piece and I'm desperate to know who it's by. If anyone can shed just a weak beam of light on the issue I'd be more than appreciative.