April 29, 2011

Hot Under The Collar

The other day I bought a blouse with a leather collar. And I know what you're thinking (you filthy beeyotch) so cut it the eff out.

S&M connotations aside, it's actually a trend that I am majorly digging*. Like, I'm literally sitting here panicking about the fact that I only have one blouse with a leather collar. ALL MY BLOUSES SHOULD HAVE LEATHER COLLARS. It's unreal. Especially on a sheer blouse. I feel like I'm totally vibing Lolita right now. The kick-ass of the leather mixed in with the lollypop-cuteness of the sheer. It's innuendo, baybay! 

*To put into perspective just how much I'm freaking out over leather collars at the moment, let's all sit back and enjoy pure unadulterated sex via Tom Ford campaigns. Come back in 10 and tell me you're not a just little hot and bothered. 


April 28, 2011

Buying Blackout Relapse

So it appears we have a little problem on our hands. And as alarming as it is I'm sure (I hope) that at least more than one of you can relate. Here goes.

A little while ago I had a buying black out; I'd purchased something off eBay in some sort of pre exam-educed online rage and had totally forgotten about it until the confirmation email popped up in my inbox. Like, what the eff, oops!

I've since recovered from this episode with a fresh outlook (thanks to my shrink) and a new dress (which, praise the lord, wasn't a total fucking disaster purchase). Life was good, I'd sorted my spending out and apparently was on the bright path to recovery. Though, judging by the surprise package from NastyGal sitting on my doorstep the other morning, I have relapsed.

What the eff is in that box? Why had I made this purchase? What is the meaning of life?

I pondered for a while and decided to check my credit card statement. Turns out after a ridic messy 4am break-up fight with my ex, I'd done the most logical thing a girl in that situation does, and confided in some online shopping.

Apparently, I'd fulfilled my yearning for a new pare of shades (and a turban, too wtf?). What's more is that my eyewear void has now been consolidated with a $40 pair of cat-eye frames*, that I'm actually now obsessed with. #Winning! And to think, Charlie Sheen thought he was killing it!

*Unfortunately my new sunglasses do not in any way remind me of batman. A girl can only dream.  

images: Nasty Gal, my blackberry

April 16, 2011

Shout Out: Catherine Ines

Being the creep I am, I like to keep a regular check on my traffic sources. Some times I'm pleasantly surprised where my traffic comes from and likewise I can be equally confused. For example, the google search criteria that brings me the most hits is "puberty". The strangest search criteria I've ever had was "Danni Minogue cleavage" and the most entertaining was "Miann Scanlan bitch". My all time hits come from links on Francheska's blog Fashion Canvas and this random French babe's blog.

But today's shout out goes to Catherine Ines. This girls' tumblr is beyond. Hot chicks with long hair and even longer limbs, amazing (life)style inspo, crazy man candy and a bit of well placed nudity make for one of my new favourite tumblrs. So thanks for the link love, lover! You're a babe.

PS. It's totally cool if you get totally glued on Ed Westwick's beautiful face. I get it.


April 15, 2011

How You Like Them Apples?

Om nom nom nom....

images: one teaspoon, cobra snake

April 14, 2011

Lust List: Eye-wear

Sequential to my trip down memory lane the other day, as promised here is my current eye-wear lust list.

After going on a trying-on rampage in the city yesterday and pissing of shop boys and girls the mall over (I'm looking at you Shades), I thankfully knocked quite a few contenders out of the competition, however the last few are still vying for the prime position on the leader board aka. my face.

In third place we have the Karen Walker Super Duper Strength frames. Thick heavy frames (me like), round with a hint of cat-eye, perfect for hiding a multitude of sins, even though this multitude can include err, my entire bone structure (me no like). Like, hello, I need my cheekbones! Still, for the sake of fashion I do love these. Swoon!

In second place we have another strong contender from Karen Walker, this time round it's of the  tortoise variety with the Number One's. The structural kitty silhouette frames also remind me of Bat Man, though I have absolutely no idea why so I'm just going to go with it. It worked for me with my old Persol's and it's still working for me now. You do the math.

Coming in under the radar to take first place are the sneaky Betsy frames by Isson. Cute name aside, they're a bit more Bat Manish than the others which I'm tres digging. Also a bit awkward; the frame at the top doesn't quite know what's going on (like me a lot of the time) and it's trying to be cool (me, again) and it's kinda getting there but it still makes you think hold on, do I hate this or do I love this? A bit of an aesthetic dilemma never goes astray. My only problem (who am I kidding). One of many of my problems is do I want the black or do I want the purple which is equally as compelling in the love/hate relationship stakes.

The jury is still out, so I may kind of really desperately need your advice on this one.... s'il vous plait?


April 11, 2011

Hells No!

This is WAY too good to be true. Like a woven orgy of hessian, leather, thatch-work and fluro couldn't get any sexier?


April 8, 2011

Eye-Wear Memory Lane

I'm considering splashing out on a new pair of frames, all the while getting all nostalgic over the previous pares I've loved and lost.

So if you're up for a trip down memory lane, lets examine my eye-wear time line, shall we?

Year: 2007
Purchased: Sportsgirl
Style:Deep blue and masculine 
Lost: On a surf-ski in Byron
Year: 2008 
Brand: Persol
Purchased: Shades
Style: They reminded me of Bat-Man
Lost: Stolen at pre-festival drinks (assholes)
Year: 2009
Purchased: Sportsgirl
Style: Dark brown transition into the cat-eye trend
Lost: Bundaberg op-shop

Year: 2010
Purchased: Jay-Jay's (don't ask)
Style: Round frames with the most amazing stripe print
Lost: Sydney. Last seen in a washing basket

Year: 2010
Purchased: Nasty Gal
Style: Dark cat-eye frames
Lost: Still have them. Kinda over it

Will soon post the sunnies on my lust list. 


April 4, 2011


Yum yum yum! Reminds me of two things. Rainbow Paddle-Pops and these shoes. Delicious.
image: Jak & Jil