April 8, 2011

Eye-Wear Memory Lane

I'm considering splashing out on a new pair of frames, all the while getting all nostalgic over the previous pares I've loved and lost.

So if you're up for a trip down memory lane, lets examine my eye-wear time line, shall we?

Year: 2007
Purchased: Sportsgirl
Style:Deep blue and masculine 
Lost: On a surf-ski in Byron
Year: 2008 
Brand: Persol
Purchased: Shades
Style: They reminded me of Bat-Man
Lost: Stolen at pre-festival drinks (assholes)
Year: 2009
Purchased: Sportsgirl
Style: Dark brown transition into the cat-eye trend
Lost: Bundaberg op-shop

Year: 2010
Purchased: Jay-Jay's (don't ask)
Style: Round frames with the most amazing stripe print
Lost: Sydney. Last seen in a washing basket

Year: 2010
Purchased: Nasty Gal
Style: Dark cat-eye frames
Lost: Still have them. Kinda over it

Will soon post the sunnies on my lust list. 



cat said...

thanks for the follow babe. love the ellery sunnies, ive wanted them for ages but they dont suit me!!
cat x

Sonya Harris said...

Haha. I try not to buy decent shades anymore because I constantly seem to lose/break them.

M E L I $ $ A said...

you are so pretty!!!!!!!

il ├ętait une fois... said...

dannng miann! how hott is you!!! ;)

p.s keep the post coming! i'mma loving you blogging again!

B xx

lisa said...

Your current pair of frames are TO DIE for... They totally compliment the shape of your face, and are so hot right now! I would be hanging onto those puppies for dear life.

L x

Kate Junior said...

I am actually really digging this year's pair!
I have never spent more than $40 on a pair of sunnies, I literally forget to wear them (?!) and they live at the bottom of my bag & get crushed! But you have inspired me to rethink! x

Catherine *The Spring* said...

This is a great post! The photos are beautiful, and you cracked me up! I'm glad Fashion Falsehood is back!
- Catherine at The Spring {fellow Brisbane blogger!}

rachel kara said...

I really need to do this...glad I'm not alone! I easily just calculated around about $1500 worth of lost sunnies eeeek. Would love that to invest in some new ones right now.


p.s. Babe!

TatoOm said...

Lovin' every post on ur blog, im now a follower ;)

Kisses from mexico and dont forget to visit me and let me know what u think!