August 26, 2010

Jesselle PR looking for interns

The amazing boutique fashion public relations agency where I intern are looking for a happy, experience hungry guy or girl to join our busy junior press team!

The catch?

We at Jesselle don't like to do things the regular way, which is why a simple CV just won't do! Read below...
If you want to know what goes on in our crazy shoe filled show room, here's a sneak peak via a post about my first day with Jesselle PR.


August 25, 2010

Fashion Film Festival

I know I'm at least two-and-a-bit years late in posting this but truthfully, I've only just come across the A Shaded View On Fashion Film (ASVOFF) festival. The idea of a film festival devoted in its entirety to fashion really just excites me way too much for me not to post this.

Some how up until the point back in 2006 when I stumbled across Erin Fetherston's short fashion film for her s/s 06 Wendybird collection, I had never, ever seen a fashion film before. Gasp! They're around us so much now-a-days, but back then it was  BIG deal for me.

I think I was (and still am) most enamored by this moving medium for portaying a collection, in an industry that is dominated by the still photographic medium. Since the beginning, collections were first illustrated with sketches, then photographs (distributed now across whide variety or tangibale and viral mediums), and then video footage of the collections being presented at fashion shows. This was the "norm". Flip on FTV and you were welcomed into a world of behind the scenes footage, montages of photo shoots and interviews, but there wasn't yet a niche for short films. Sure, there was fashion in film, but no room for film devoted soley to fashion. Or so I thought...

The festival kicks off in Paris on September 24th, then travels over to Tokyo and no doubt Milan. Until the actual festival, you can only view trailors of most of the featured short films, however The Talent House ran an open sumbissions competition in conjuntion with Diane Pernet (founder of ASVOFF) and Tavi (of The Style Rookie) where anyone and everyone could have a shot at being featured in the festival.

All the submitted videos are still up on the page and below are my picks:

Skull and Bones
This one really gets me because I love the justaposition of the aesthetics. The garments are very clean cut, well tailored and give off that 1940's dramatic vibe, but the location is just totally the opposite. It's also not as conceptual as some of the other films which makes it easier to sit back and enjoy, rather than try and understand.

Are you also wistful?
The first scene in the old school house reminds me way too much of Picnic at Hanging Rock - which I loved purley for the fashions and bad Australian accents.


Update 26/08/2010:

Fred Sweet from The Fashion Film Network emailed me last night after reading this post and pointed me in the direction of his own festival, the La Jola Fashion Film Festival Thankyou!!! It looks amazing!


August 24, 2010

BRISBANE Secret VIP Sunday Session

Black Milk, our newest label at Jesselle PR is holding a top secret Sunday session fashion event to help celebrate their latest collection!

We are choosing only a handfull of selected Brisbane fashionistas to tell the absolutely secret location of the event to. Expect tunes, drinks and plenty of fashion on offer to perfectly round off a true fashionista's weekend in style.

Remember THIS post? And how a lot of you got back to me saying that a Brisbane blogger catch up would be a great idea? This is the perfect opportunity as a few of Brisbane's bloggers have already RSVP'd. Make sure you do too, and bring along your camera because this is something you are going to want to blog about!

To RSVP and find out where the party will be held please email


August 22, 2010


I love how something as mundane as shoes and a bag tossed aside can be captured and turned into something so beautiful.
image: we heart it. 

August 19, 2010

Miss Unkon looking for interns!!

Please see internship deatails for Miss Unkon below or click HERE.

I know a lot of my readers (especially the beautiful ones who email me) are looking for courses, jobs, experience opportunities and are testing the waters of the Austrailan fashion industry to see what they like and where they can get. I do try to give you guys the best advice I can, however I'm no guru and can only speak from a few years worth of experience.

But I have learnt one thing. Good things DON'T come to those who wait.

Good things come to those WHO WORK THEIR ASSES OFF!

I used to sit back and wish that I had that internship or that job. I'd blame my lack of involement and experience in the industry on simply not being at the right place at the right time. I'd convinced myself that you only got jobs by being introduced to someone fabulous by someone fabulous, and that when the day would come for me to meet someone high-up, they'd swoop me up under their wing and offer me the world (and a free pair of Louboutins)...

But that day never came, and I don't ever think it will. It does for some, yes, but in reality you have to work your ass off (for free) for a long time to establish yourself enough for anyone to even slightly consider paying you to work for them. You have to send countless emails and make endless phone calls to total strangers asking for the opportunity to explain why you're worthy of their knowledge. You have to haggle, hassle and weasle your way in. Be it fake media passes at fashion shows, making excuses to "bump into" those you admire or having the courage to simply ask for help. But if one thing is for certain, never sell yourself short. Convince people that having you around will be beneficial. Even if you're just at the beck and call of someone who orders you around all day to fetch coffee and stand in the sun for three hours holding a reflector board on a photoshoot, you need to let them know that it will be their loss if you aren't there. Because the fashion industry operates like a two way street and (usually) goes by the you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours mentality.

It's a tough gig. The fashion industry is almost one of the only industries that doesn't have regulated and paid internships. There's no union looking after it's workers. There's no one to get the people at Vivienne Westwood introuble for starving their interns and forcing them to choose between either working an 18 hour days or risk losing their position (yes, this happens. I was told numerous horror stories in my fashion internship subject). But it's the choice we make. We choose to be here, we want to be here. We love fashion and we'd do anything asked of us to be involved. So we suck it the hell up. We accept the shitty hours, we sacrifice the money, and thank God that we are where we are and even have the opportunity to work for free. Because if we aren't appreciative, we move over and let the next girl in the line of 1000 hopefuls take our position. If you don't love it (even more than eating out, getting you hairdone or shopping online), then you're probably not cut out for the industry in the first place.


August 17, 2010

Advanced Style

Advanced Style, a street style blog focusing on the elderly by Ari Seth Cohen, is easily my favourite street-style blog out there at the moment. I've been following for a long while, almost from the beginning, and it's gotten to the point where I really just can't keep it all to myself anymore. His unique New York based blog has been featured in The Telegraph, NY Time's T-Magazine, GQ, Trendland, The Guardian, NY Mag, et al, and has even been 'tweeted' by Dior. And rightly so. As Cohen's blogger stardom is slowly coming to fruition, I thought I'd share it with you now (yes, so I don't seem behind the times. Isn't that sad?)

Advanced Style's tag line reads as "Proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age" was hard for me to believe at first. I used to think that the elderly were one of two things: Old fashioned or overly eccentric. My vision of old fashioned dressers entailed long silk gloves, knife pleat skirts, awkward waist lines and blue-rinse hair. The eccentric elderly brought images of purple coats, miss-matching patterned bags and OTT reading glasses that framed lip stick stained teeth. Harsh, I know. That was until I shook off my self-actualised stereotype goggles and opened my eyes to the fashion pack that has been around the longest of them all.

Yes, most of the featured seniors on Advanced Style do have their own eccentricities, but I have learnt that anyone who isn't Patricia Field can damn well dress like Particia Field if they wish (and get away with it). Just because they're not sipping on martinis at Bungalow 8, or galloping from show to show during fashion week, it doesn't mean that the superannuated crowd should be largely ignored by the fashion system, nor their old fashioned or idiosyncratic quirks be dismissed as uncoordination.

As quoted in a post on his blog about elderly women colouring their hair (pink, purple, blue, orange, green etc) Cohen says "They defy the conventional expectations that come with aging and instead of fading into the spotlight they shine on as inspiration for people of all ages to remain self expressive, take risks and embrace life."

all images: advanced style

August 14, 2010

Aussie models in September Dazed and Confused

Please be advised that the below editorial includes nudity. Do not click Read More if there is a possibility you may be offended.

Australian models Lauren Brown and Emily Wake (both repped by Priscillas and Elite NY) are featured in a spread titled "Alley Cats" in the all-important September issue of Dazed and Confused.

The shoot works its way through all the models out in the rain wearing a different designer per page. The effect is fantastic and brings a real, raw edge to high fashion - however I can't help but cringe seeing the Chanel fur all sopping wet. Sad face.

August 13, 2010

Hermès "I Love My Scarf" campaign

Luxury designer brand Hermès has teamed up with French store Collette in the launch of it's youthful new Jaime mon carré (I love my scarf) campaign.

I see this as a smart move on Hermès' behalf, as the brand which is better known for its exclusitivy has opened up the market to the opposite end of their usual customer spectrum. Well, seemingly. The scarfs still carry the same hefty price tag, but the new additional website and street style look book are targeted to tickle the fancy of our younger generation of big spenders.

The new website features Hermès scarfs on young hot fashionstas in their natural environment. Which is a far (but appreciated) cry from the usual highly stylised editorial look books featuring six foot supermodels playing polo or sitting atop of elephants.

Note: It's more than likely that these girls are models, and their supposed natural environments are infact well thought-through and just as highly stylised as their oppulent editorial counterparts - but the desired effect to portray natural behaviour is, I think, well achieved no less.

You select your desired fashion capital city and are presented with a bunch of "it" girls and their interviews answering questions like "What would be your own scarf print?". There's also a cool feature where you can see up close the different scarfs the girls are wearing and learn how to tie different knots.

I remember back when my step mum bought a Hermes scarf. I was young, so I was more fascinated with the cute little knot book than the actual scarf itself... which is probably why I'm so smitten with this interactive feature. Go figure.

all images: Heremès edited by Fashion Falsehood

August 4, 2010

Alannah Hill "wishes" she was sexually harassed

(Alex Perry and Alannah Hill)

The fashion of the David Jones spring/summer launch last night. That was going to be the prepared topic of today's post, but in light of shocking comments made by designer Alannah Hill (above, right), I can't say I have too much to mention about the aesthetics of it all.

At last night's parade I'm more than positive everyone would have felt the presence of the "elephant in the room". That elephant being the current sexual harassment case filed by former David Jones employee Kristy Fraser-Kirk who is suing for $37 million in damages against ex CEO Mark McInnes. Kristy, it was announced yesterday, will use the money to set up a sexual harassment hotline for other employees of the department store.

On top of all this bad publicity for David Jones, designer Alannah Hill (who is carried by the retail giant) decided to give us all her valuable two-cents (can you sense my sarcasm?) by making ignorant, disgusting and disrespectful comments on the case during multiple interviews in the press pit.

She was quoted saying:

"I wish he'd have touched me up. I threw myself at him, threw myself at him! He told me he didn't want to mix business with pleasure."

"I would have gone back to that Bondi flat in a heartbeat. He could have bedded me but he chose the other one."

"I wouldn't be trying for $37 million, I would just be like, good."

"I wish I'd have been invited to the Bondi flat. I never got invited."

As far as damage control goes, Hill only further reveals really just how tasteless she is, even for a talented fashion designer. In a radio interview for FoxFM this morning she attempted to go about making an apology. In news papers and blogs, she was quoted diretly from the interview saying "[I feel] so bad, that I'm here with a priest. I'm here with a priest, I'm on my knees. I'm doing my confession." That's fantastic, Alannah, except how about next time you try it with a little more sincerity and conviction, and a little less and piss-take attitude. Your giggling kind of got in my way of actually believing you give a shit.

Ahh, Isn't context a bitch?

In a further bid to clean up her mess, Hill has agreed to hold a "sorry sale" (a suggestion by her ashamed and furious business partner) where half the proceeds made from the sale tomorrow will go to "some sort of women's shelter of sexual abuse (charity)," Hill said.

Can anyone else sense Hill's apathy? I mean, is it possible for this woman to care any less? Hill continues and talks about the other half of the "sorry" proceeds saying "I might pass them on to the nice girl with the hyphen in her name. I've forgotten her name." The nice girl of course being the woman she made such a joke out of only hours earlier.

I am personally infuriated. Not because I'm a victim of sexual harassment, or even know/know of victims, but for someone who is in the public eye to be so utterly careless and unapologetically egotistic is just plain insulting to a lover of fashion who admittedly looks up to these types of Australian designers. I certainly can't see myself walking into one of her boutiques any time soon...

all images: smh
all quotes: smh,

August 2, 2010


My best friend Mia and I entered this massive styling competition for MYER, our Australian department store equivelant to Barneys or Macys or something along those lines.

Anyway the challenge was to emulate your favourite decade of style; either 80s, 90s, or now.

We chose 90s because:

"Growing up in the 90s, it's by far my favourite decade and where I draw most of my inspiration from. I wore the dishevelled hair, the oversized slooppy joes and combat boots with pretty dresses. Winona Ryder and Kate Moss were the it girls. We wanted to marry Johnny Depp, snog Leo DiCaprio and hang out with Kurt Cobain. This collection of looks tailored to the era plays with the juxtaposition of societal classes and stereotypes. It's a recreation and a celebration with a modern twist.

Unfortunately, the girl that is leading unapologetically copied the sample example by MYER. It's vote based. So by god please show your friends, take the time to vote for us and send us to fashion week!

How to vote:
1. Click on the big pink Vote for me now button
2. A small window will appear. Click Sign up
3. You will be directed to a new page to enter your details, make sure you select I'm just here to vote at the top of the page
4. Enter your details
5. Come back to this blog post to get the link to my profile, then click the original Vote for me now button
5. Give yourself a high-five!!!