May 30, 2011


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May 27, 2011

Mona Sharf

Mona Sharf first caught my attention when her name was printed along side the words "PR" in an article on Fashion Week Daily last year. It was about her career move from her role as PR Manager at Louis Vuitton that she held for over three and a half years. That's a lot of Louis. Prior to that, she was PR Manager at Coach and earlier handled communications at Tod's.

I'll just give you a moment to divulge the awesomeness of all that...

As a girl graduating with a degree in PR and fashion in just over three weeks time (June 10th, but who's counting?) I've totally submerged myself in everything fashion/PR related be it assignments, blogs, articles, porftolio preparation or last night's pizza and wine-fueled resume building session with my friend. I figure it would be time appropriate to blog a serious of inspirational, stylish women in covetable PR positions with equally covetable wardrobes. 

So without further adieu, I give you Mona Sharf: Director of Communications & Celebrity at Theory (my current label crush) and Helmut Lang, New York. She oversees all placement, editorial and celebrity dressing, likes striped sweaters, denim cut offs and owns the studded Miu Miu brogues I constantly froth over at work.

 See the rest at The Coveteur


May 18, 2011

Now Accepting Donations: Inquire Within

For the past three weeks, every time I go into work I slip this bad boy on and the other PR staffer Torah and I have a major swoon sesh, convincing ourselves that we need it in our lifes. Out comes the calculator, the budget book and the list of pro's and con's. The con's of course, are along the lines of "it would be a CON if it weren't in my life"...

I'm considering lay-bying this bad boy for self-21st birthday present (which is coming up in July). I don't like jewellery, I don't want a car, I don't want some party dress I'll wear only once, and I'm obsessed with fur. So it makes sense...right?

Though it wouldn't be just a birthday present, it would be a graduation present, a commemoration to my big move and a pat on the back for my general goal kicking over the past few years.
Somebody tell me this is a good move.

 Camilla and Marc Blacktail Fur image via Oyster Magazine

PS. Torah, if you're reading this: I still shot-gun the size 8. Love always, Thun Luzzy.xox


May 16, 2011

Lust List: Mochila Inspired

There's something so raw and exposed about Mochila bags (or backpacks if you translate), like you can feel every stitch, every weave, every emotion that has gone into each one. My obsession with these bags also stems into leather work. Tassels, embroidery, embossing and thatch work are all on my lust list at the moment. I'm still waiting to find a bag that combines all of the above. An eclectic mish-mash owned by a half-Aztec-half-Columbian bare-backing cowgirl gypsy queen.

Show me your favourites in the comments.


May 3, 2011

This is not RAFW coverage

This is just some ridic colour blocking brought to you by the mind-blowers over at Oyster. I have hunch that they're on to something. Soz to disappoint. Once again I don't have time to be updating this year's round of Spring Summer 2011 RAFW shows thanks to some hectic mid semesters - though if something totally bowls me over I might make an exception.

Did you know that nothing rhymes with "orange"?