May 16, 2011

Lust List: Mochila Inspired

There's something so raw and exposed about Mochila bags (or backpacks if you translate), like you can feel every stitch, every weave, every emotion that has gone into each one. My obsession with these bags also stems into leather work. Tassels, embroidery, embossing and thatch work are all on my lust list at the moment. I'm still waiting to find a bag that combines all of the above. An eclectic mish-mash owned by a half-Aztec-half-Columbian bare-backing cowgirl gypsy queen.

Show me your favourites in the comments.



il était une fois... said...

A.M.A.Z.E. all of em!


nanuschka said...

boah richtig gut ! nicht nur dieser post ! grüße :)

Anonymous said...

There are realy wonderful. I wander if they can be baught for charity donations.

Cristiana Nunes said...

Such cool patterns, bags and boots!! such a cool post!