July 24, 2011


A few sneaky snaps I took with my Blackberry this morning at the amazing, intimate Molten Store launch.

WARNING: If you have a soft spot for jewellery, interiors, brownies and/or champagne, you may experience excess frothing so have a towel handy.

Hang tight for the official photos. You will lose your marbles.

I'm so proud of you Jessy.

July 20, 2011

Steak and Kidney

No, not some type of tres regurgitatable culinary delight  revolt, just a cute (kinda) knick-name for my new soon-to-be place of residency.

Yes, Fashion Falsehood is relocating. Hauling ass onto an abandoned rail road car and freight-hopping my way down to the big time mid-south with nothing more than a suitcase (or four) of clothes, an open mind and one hell of a determined streak.

This time 'round there's actually some legitimacy behind the reason for my lack of blogging. I'm living out of boxes at the moment, my computer is on the floor - not in a quirky New York loft kind of way - and I'm so effing disjointed/excited/nervous/nostalgic/ready to moesy right on up out of here and initiate phase two.

*A shoe closet seemed appropriate because that's what I can afford to live in based on a budget to square meter spatial  ratio. So if you have a sweet shoe closet, shoot me an email.       

July 7, 2011

I Got Love For Somedays Lovin'

After some uninspired time away from blogging, the number of yawn-worthy pitches in my inbox had almost taken their mind numbing toll. That is, until I received an email from Jaye Leigo informing me of his label's most recent lookbook shoot.

Now I'd heard of Somedays Lovin' and seen their stuff on Market HQ but had never really looked twice as my aesthetic is so far removed form foho it isn't even funny. I'm like all apexes, clean lines and tailoring and shiz. But this lookbook totally changed my mind. Like, who wouldn't want to hang-ten on Hills Hoists wearing ass-exposing cut offs bathed in desaturated film grain goodness?

A little bit of info. Jaye is currently working on an upcoming collaboration with mega babe Oracle Fox so check back for previews as it's sure to be amazeballs with that girl involved.

Models: Joella and Kelsey
Photography: Emmanuel Giraud
Styling: Heather Cairns
Art Direction: Jaye Leigo
Music (Vibe Clip): 'Half Of It' by Yes You
Location: Jaye's Poppas House


July 1, 2011


Absolutely frothing on the influx of the Akubra into high fashion right now. Hermes meets R.M.Williams. You get it.

Now I know the troll told me to stop taking photos of myself, but weren't cowboys (the original wearers of this style of hat) outlaws? Breaking rules, riding horses, robbing banks and what not? I had a crack with my step mothers vintage Akubra at home, sans horse of course. It's covered in dust, is sturdy as hell and has this amazing thin leather belt attached around the Puggare (if we're going to be all British and precise) with a few small feathers attached for ultimate country western arabesque.

images: fashiongonerogue, src783, 4th and bleeker, stokholmestreetstyle, carolinesmode, lovemore, my blackberry

June 13, 2011

Interview: Felicity Loughrey, Online Editor at Vogue

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the pleasure of interviewing Vogue.com.au's new Online Editor, Felicity Loughrey.

Why do you love shopping online?
You can do it at anytime. You can find exactly what you're after. And you can find brands that you might not be able to get so easily in your hometown..

What site functionality do you look for most on an online store?
There are lots of online bells and whistles but really I like big clear photos. And if the clothes and accessories are photographed on a real person, that's great too.

Our exchange rate is pumping at the moment, what do you think that means for Australia based online retailers, especially when their goods are available for less in The States for example?
I think Australian retailers have a lot to offer. They're local. Then can ship the next day. And they have first dibs on Australian designers.

What's your best tip for even the most seasoned online shoppers?
Read the returns policy!

Some people have a love/hate relationship with the disposability yet convienance of vertically integrated fast-fashion giants like Zara, ASOS and TopShop. What is your stance on the issue?
You're right, it is a vexed issue. Fast fashion is so democratic and yet over-consupmtion is terrible for the planet. We would say, buy what you love and buy quality when you can.

It was a pioneering moment when Google merged high-tech and high fashion with the launch of its new image recognition technology through Boutiques.com. What do you predict for the future of online shopping?

We agree LikeSense/GoogleGoggles is amazing. And I love when it's applied to personal style on Weardrobe. It's so genius. Facebook is also doing some really interesting online shopping portals. But I'd be hesitant to make any predictions. There's probably someone in the Google Beta Labs dreaming up something we haven't even thought of yet.

June 8, 2011

Vogue Online Shopping Night

If you haven't heard about Vogue's Online Shopping Night (#VOSN for you guys on Twitter), then you really, really need to get across this asap. Like literally, right now.

VOSN just launched at 5pm today and I'm currently doing some major multitasking. I'm painting my nails, buying sports wear at 20% off from Lorna Jane, sucking down a sugar free Red Bull, budgeting for a Sass & Bide neck piece and getting ready for tonight's Westfield Stylist's Apprentice crowning.

The girls from Klick PR got in touch with me about doing coverage for VOSN. In return I received an early heads-up about tonight's amazing deals on offer (no less than a 30 page PDF document full of them to be precise), and had the chance to interview Vogue Australia's new Online Editor, Felicity Loughrey on her view of  online shopping. Check back soon for the interview.

So there are a few things you need to be doing right now....

Firstly, head over to the Vogue Facebook page where they're streaming live coverage from The Hub. At present, Kirstie Clements, the Sass & Bide girls, Camilla Freeman-Topper and Ruby Rose are all sipping on bubbles in advance to their exclusive live interviews. They might even be announcing more deals so you need to be tuned in while you shop.

Secondly, head here to view a full list of all the retailers involved and what they've got on offer. 

Next, take a minute to assemble a plan of attack; what deals you're going to hit first, what goodies you want to score for free and what your budget-to-value ratio is. Some of the offers are on time restrictions so you have to be quick. 

Tweet your purchases using the #VOSN hashtag and follow Vogue's official VOSN twitter list, featuring yours truly.

Lastly, go grab a glass of wine, put on those PJs and apologise to your credit card/s in advance.


June 5, 2011


 clockwise from top left: Luv AJ tall cut-out ring in copper ox;  Holly Fulton gold and beige pony skin cuff; Maria Francesca Pepe Amor Los Une double knuckle ring; Michael Kors rose gold watch; Maison Martin Margiela cuff; Sass and Bide Tu Me Manques bracelet; Eddie Borgo inverted pyramid ring.

images: net-a-porter, sass and bide, polyvore


June 2, 2011

Happy Winter

A day late, I know. But here's a little winter editorial from Contributor Magazine to get us ready for the start of the season.

If not for the beautiful colour pallet, it's the fur that reeled me in.

Mmmmm. Furrrrrr.

images: fashion gone rogue
edits by me

June 1, 2011

The Stylist's Apprentice: Brisbane

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my tweet about the mysterious box waiting for me on my desk at work last week. A brown paper box wrapped in red and white candy-cane string with a powder blue swing tag addressed to me had me instantly pouring over what it could be and who it could be from. I carefully opened it to find the cutest invite on earth!*

I told you it was cute! Swoon!

Turns out I've been invited to the crowning of the Westfield Stylist's Apprentice at a cute new restaurant/bar I've actually been meaning to check out!

I haven't RSVP'd because I really shouldn't be leaving the house or even my desk as my final week of uni ever fast approaches, but maybe if some other Brisbane bloggers can twist my arm I might just make a stylish exception.

So the question begs, who else is heading along? Would love to meet/meet up!

*This invite was especially adorable after pouring through millions of  RAFW invites at the start of May. Some were cutting edge (Dion Lee), beautiful (Camilla and Marc) and others were a little bit... wannabe? (Won't name names). However this invite definitely takes the cake for cute appeal.


May 30, 2011


images: knight cat, lula magazine, cobra snake, weheartit, russh magazine, style.com