November 18, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Beginning Boutique

If you follow me on twitter you would have gotten a glimpse of the massive shoot we worked on last Thursday for Beginning Boutique, one of our newest clients at Jesselle PR. We are working on a total overhaul for their website, taking a more direcitional and stream lined approach, so naturally the first step was shooting the spring/summer range and lookbook. Taking influence from Nasty Gal, Gerry Pepper Vintage and a little bit of Erin Wasson the shoot was a total success - not to mention the styling was ah-mazing Seriously. The models, stylists and the assistants all brought along pieces from our personal wardrobes, enough to fill an entire dressing room and all the tables in the studio. The amount of collective junk we had was intense. There were suitcases filled to the brim with hats, props, toy cameras, accessories, shoes, handbags, jewellry, makeup, books, and other trinkets - all of which you will note once the shoot is released. But for now you can catch varying glimpses of it here, here and here.

November 15, 2010

Outfit Post But Not Really

Ok so I know I haven't been posting much (if not at all) lately. This is partially because after the uni  semester ending, I have since managed to avoid using my computer as it brings back memories of 36hour long days,  melt downs on the library floor and having sleep overs in the twenty-four hour computer labs at uni... Yes, I took my pillow. Despite all this technology induced anxiety, I got up early this morning and thought I'd have a play around on Polyvore to freshen up Fashion Falsehood.

So this set is a replication of what I wore to work the other day, though with an obvious substitution of my scrappy shoes for the Acne wedges and my $12 shorts off Etsy for some delicious Stella McCartney ones. You get the picture.

To illustrate it's accuracy, I even showed it to my boyfriend and his initial response was "hey, that's you!" Ten points darling.

Bag, Nine West; Watch, Michael Kors; T-shirt, Witchery; Ring, Witchery; Belt, Vintage; Shorts, Stella McCartney; Wedges, Acne.


November 4, 2010

King Kling

I'm not usually one to follow the style of fashion's cult elite, but rather head to blogs like Jak&Jil where the focus is all on the smaller details. You can read more about that in my interview here. However, in true Fashion Falsehood style, I am going to oppose my own self-righteous oppinion and publically drool all over new 'it' girl Elin Kling of Style by Kling. Why make the exception for Kling? Because it's rare that you find a style icon who can make the basics seem so un-basic, and get it right time and time again. Oh! And she looks fantastic in mustard. The rest you can work out for yourselves...

all images: style by kling