September 24, 2009

Anatomy at VPL

I've lusted over many looks during the present fashion month from the innocent Little House on the Prarie side braids at Alexander Wang to the baroque and vertiginous nut-and-bolt heels at Rodarte, but nothing has got me as worked up as the inner-framework replications at VPL.

The theme Victoria Bartlett worked through the collection was "anatomy" and this collection isn't the first refletion of her obsession with the human body. VPL (standing for Visible Panty Line) is a design concept of making the inner, the outer. As stated on the VPL website "by bringing underwear out to become a visible, stylish part of our everyday uniform, VPL style begs the question: what mystery really lies beneath?"

Aran Baik, who has an MFA in Fashion and Knitwear Design at Sanfancisco's Academy of Art, created crouched and knitted wonders for the spring show. The cream and gray pieces cradle and envelope the body forming wearable rib cages, and in some cases revealing a little hint of pelvis. The pieces were constructed in a way that they almost appear to be climbing and forming around the body, as if the inner anatomy were more imperative than the garments themselves.

All images by Romney Leader for

September 14, 2009

How did Erin get it so wrong?

Bad skin, over-sized, over accessorised and not to mention the eclectic miss-match of foho and Catholisism. No, I'm not talking about Erin Wasson's Spring/Summer 2010 line for RVCA, I'm talking about the designer herself.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I always imagined that the creator of a collection would hope to channel their designes by embracing and personally projecting them in a positive and creative light. I know I'm going a while back in "cool" history here but Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton for Sass & Bide always managed to capture more attention back stage than the models. They were stylish girls who saw a business opportunity and so employed their style to create their own line. Erin Wasson has done the same, however when presenting her collection, to be quite frank, she looked like shit.

The collection itself was amazing. In this interview by NY Mag Erin revealed how the colour palette was inspired by her pitbull and no doubtedly her California lifestyle. The textures and cuts were all typical Erin traits which never seem to fail her, but I don't understand how she managed to make a fashion-mockery of herself on the day of the show.

Perhaps it was the stress involved in putting on a show, or perhaps it was a case of trying too hard or maybe not hard enough...

Erin Wasson x RVCA backstage

Erin Wasson

All images Marcio Madeira and Greg Kessler for

September 10, 2009

Mirror Mirror

So last night I was in the Mirror Mirror fashion parade here in Brisbane, a night to showcase up and coming local designer talent (read: see my post about Mirror Mirror here). One of my friends had a collection in the show so I volunteered to walk for her.

The venue was great - Little Jumbo - they do a heap of fashion parades there which are always filled to capacity and last night was no exception.

The runway was not-so-great. We had to walk high up on two narrow tables making sure to dodge the chandelier along the way. The makeshift stare case at the end was the hardest part of all, with the steps being a whole lot higher than I'm sure is legal. All this atop the fact that people were resting and spilling their drinks on the tables-come-runway with only a very quick and lazy wipe-down seconds before the show. Scary stuff. Work Place Health and Safety would have had a field day at this event but the wonderful garments kind of overrode the propensity for injury.

Backstage was a bit of a bore but we made it fun. There was a little bar that was closed off and I soon worked out how to get it going and was making drinks the whole night. The guy that was doing all the hair was amazing. He literally wipped up each hair style in under five minutes it was so fascinating to watch him work. When it was my turn I literally sat down, made a phone call to my boyfriend and then I was tapped on the shoulder and told I was finished. A voila! Big Gucci curls in no time at all.

the other girls in my collection at dress rehersal
at makeup
last minute ciggie before the show (we set up a lovely little area in the stair well and watched everyone freaking out)
models from other collections running down to back stage
my outfit

September 4, 2009

Fashion Sudents Unite

Welcome to my new blog Fashion Students Unite.

Before you painc, no, Fashion Falsehood isn't going anywhere. Fashion Falsehood is a creative outlet where I can air my opinions, post reviews and inspiration (like about a million other blogs out there). However I've been hunting around for something localised where I can find information that a fashion student like myself would be interested in.

I haven't found much so FSU was bred intending to fill that gap in Brisbane's fashion society. Yes, there are websites like Fourthousand etc that update us on all things cultural based on our post code, but what about the stuff the fashion students are interested in: Projects calling for open submissions of work, profiles focusing on fashion graduates and the like?

If you're from Brisbane and want to contribute to FSU email me on with either your blogger profile details or personal details with article attached and I'll post it for you.

While I've got your attention, don't forget to become a fan of Fashion Falsehood on Facebook and follow Fashion Students Unite.

September 1, 2009

'Til Death Do Us Part

So I'm craving another tattoo. The thought continiously ebbs and flows yet I can't decide as to what I feel more strongly about getting done. I know time will tell but in the meantime I figured I'd blog it and let it simmer.

I have a translation that I need to get 100% double, triple and quadruple checked before I even consider looking at fonts. I have to send it to the literary database over in Ireland to get the correct Irish Gaelic translation without permernantly screwing up the verbs and tenses etc. Until then, I squeeze my eyes shut whenever I pass a parlour for fear I'll go in and get it done on a whim. Speaking of whims...

Back in early July I spontaneously got a tattoo of a cross on my left hand when I was on a road trip. I'm inlove with it; no regrets. It's tiny, I look down at it when I pray and it looks like it's been done free hand (which it has, but the authenticity of it is what attracts me most). Imperfections. No scar should be perfect.

So at the moment I'm tossing up between getting a bird's wing - just the one - on my inner right elbow or an antler on the outer edge of my left wrist. As for the translation, I either want it on my right outer wrist or on my rib cage running horizontally. I'd love to get it on the inner of my upper arm but let's just say you can only pull off those sans body fat a la Erin Wasson.

As far as shading goes I only want black outlining and no filling in, but who knows which bird wing/antler shape I decide on.

Here is some inspiration that's been keeping me thinking.