September 10, 2009

Mirror Mirror

So last night I was in the Mirror Mirror fashion parade here in Brisbane, a night to showcase up and coming local designer talent (read: see my post about Mirror Mirror here). One of my friends had a collection in the show so I volunteered to walk for her.

The venue was great - Little Jumbo - they do a heap of fashion parades there which are always filled to capacity and last night was no exception.

The runway was not-so-great. We had to walk high up on two narrow tables making sure to dodge the chandelier along the way. The makeshift stare case at the end was the hardest part of all, with the steps being a whole lot higher than I'm sure is legal. All this atop the fact that people were resting and spilling their drinks on the tables-come-runway with only a very quick and lazy wipe-down seconds before the show. Scary stuff. Work Place Health and Safety would have had a field day at this event but the wonderful garments kind of overrode the propensity for injury.

Backstage was a bit of a bore but we made it fun. There was a little bar that was closed off and I soon worked out how to get it going and was making drinks the whole night. The guy that was doing all the hair was amazing. He literally wipped up each hair style in under five minutes it was so fascinating to watch him work. When it was my turn I literally sat down, made a phone call to my boyfriend and then I was tapped on the shoulder and told I was finished. A voila! Big Gucci curls in no time at all.

the other girls in my collection at dress rehersal
at makeup
last minute ciggie before the show (we set up a lovely little area in the stair well and watched everyone freaking out)
models from other collections running down to back stage
my outfit


JadeRose said...

like that shirt :)

Jowy said...

U look stunning! that shirt is awesome.

One Love,

JULIA said...

Looks goooooood hope you had fun :)

trigg and trig. said...

thats a great look!
sounds fun

thea said...

Maybe if I was you!

LiamScano said...

I wanna see you in the Gold Dress!!

Zoƫ said...

simple but beautiful shirt, love it!