September 4, 2009

Fashion Sudents Unite

Welcome to my new blog Fashion Students Unite.

Before you painc, no, Fashion Falsehood isn't going anywhere. Fashion Falsehood is a creative outlet where I can air my opinions, post reviews and inspiration (like about a million other blogs out there). However I've been hunting around for something localised where I can find information that a fashion student like myself would be interested in.

I haven't found much so FSU was bred intending to fill that gap in Brisbane's fashion society. Yes, there are websites like Fourthousand etc that update us on all things cultural based on our post code, but what about the stuff the fashion students are interested in: Projects calling for open submissions of work, profiles focusing on fashion graduates and the like?

If you're from Brisbane and want to contribute to FSU email me on with either your blogger profile details or personal details with article attached and I'll post it for you.

While I've got your attention, don't forget to become a fan of Fashion Falsehood on Facebook and follow Fashion Students Unite.


Jowy said...


One Love,

harlequins party said...

Well done to you sweet!! :) I just checked it out. I like. :)

tobaccoandleather said...

i'm not sure what the name of the ed is, it didn't say, only named the models, im not even sure who the photographer or stylist is! its only been up on the fashion spot a little while so maybe we will find out soon xx

tobaccoandleather said...

scratch that, it totally says what it's called and who it's by right above the pictures!.. woops! ha, sorry.

it's called 'I Love Shopping' by David Vasiljevic