June 29, 2009

Russh Vid-flip

Are you one of those people who don't get out enough? The one who requests yesterday's news paper at your local corner shop? You don't really mind if you're behind the times but you still like to catch up - eventually.

If you have any of these qualities and place Russh in your top five favourite publications you wish you'd bought before the new issue came out because now you can't find the old issue anywhere... then watch this video.

It's basically a video of someone at Russh HQ flipping through the latest issue.

I found it helpful considering I'm work bound and have been away from blogging for upwards of ten days! Nor have I had the chance/money to buy this issue yet.

Based on this vid-flip I'm most looking forward to reading Personal Works, marvelling at the Oh! Riely editorial and laughing at Lesley Arfin's Notes from NYC. On that note, everyone should read her blog and leave her mad props feed back because she has so many anonymous haters that should be shut down. Let's face it, we're all a little jealous of Lesley mostly because she lives in NY and is the most bitching chick in the world, but there's no need for anonymous wannabe's to be telling her to kill herself because she's "useless" and what not. END RANT!

What are you looking forward to in the latest Russh?

RUSSH - ISSUE 29 - VIDFLIP from Russh Magazine on Vimeo.

June 17, 2009

My Self-promoted Promotion

I have just discovered Polyvore. In this context, however, the definition of "discovered" is altered dramatically to suit my circumstances. I've come across the website many times yet only momentarily marvelled at its inspirational collections or "sets". I've also seen all your posts on your own Polyvores, it's just that until now I had never "discovered" Polyvore in the sense that I hadn't joined and wasn't hooked. But thankfully now, I am.

Being passionate about both writing and fashion it comes as no surprise that fashion publications have always inspired me parallel to wanting to actually have a career that ends up somewhere between freelance journalist and industry-leading magazine editor.

For now, I'm an independent blogger feeding off your comments and pretending they're some form of payment for my job of posting on Fashionfalsehood. That's as far as I've gotten in my thus far miniscule fashion-journalist career. It's fine, I like blogging anyway, I'm totally okay with it because posting on here lets me pretend I'm a real journalist working at a real fashion publication. I get to be my own boss, write what ever I like and at the end of the day when I put my exacerbated draft on the editor's desk, I feel overwhelmingly contended when she clicks "publish".

I have a pretty good office. It's certainly no corner office over-looking Central Park on 5th Avenue, New York; but it's got a comfy chair and I'm allowed to excessively stick my personal photos and inspiration all over the walls, not to metion the fantastic and flexible working hours. No one in my office ever forgets to fill the ice-cube tray, nor do they forget to refill the jug. I get to set the air confitioning to whatever temperature I like and I get to look as ugly as hell at work because every day is Casual Friday here at HQ.

Working freelance in the writers department at Fashionfalsehood is a dream come true with all the perks a journalist could ask for, however with the advent of my own Polyvore, I now work in the fashion department too.

My Sets:
Floral Minimalist
Street Corner Pt. 1

Street Corner Pt. 2
Snakeskin WishesLady Noir

*Please link me to your own Polyvore profiles or alternatively add me as a contact.

June 15, 2009

Jessica Hart to Launch Fashion Line

Model of the moment, Jessica Hart, is said to be launching her own fashion label. With a successful modelling career under her belt and a Victoria's Secret contract ahead of her, Hart's plans to dabble in designing will no doubt be well accepted by the industry. "I'm also in talks with people to design my own line of clothes in collaboration with a charity, but I can't say much on that right now," she said.

Other fashion It Girls to utilise their celebrity status and cash in on their creativity include: Cult model Erin Wasson who guest designed for skate brand RVCA and model/actress Sienna Miller who with her sister created Twenty8Twelve.

On the other end of the celebrity spectrum there are the not-so-internationally-acclaimed Australian beauties who have found more success in designing. These include: Gail Reid for Gail Sorronda who was recently snapped by The Sartorialist before her show in Sydney, and the enchantingly beautiful Kym Ellery, behind her eponymous label Ellery.

Given Hart's unique look, accredited and nonchalant personal style which is more than likely bred from her Australian casualness, we're hoping Hart's first collection will embody these qualities and prove to be as lucrative as her career (and as hot as her boyfriend).

Hint: click to enlarge images


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June 12, 2009

The New CK

Move over Calvin. Though we've loved you season after season, we've applauded your overstated minimalism and we still "wouldn't be caught without our Calvin's", there's a new CK in town.

This CK doesn't need a young Brook Shields giving us the low-down on denim, nor does this CK deliver flat and monolithic pallets year after year. This CK has been dishing up some of the most appetising collections of late, and he assures us we ain't seen nothin' yet.

I introduce to you Christopher Kane, though I'm sure you don't require any formalities. Always delivering extreme aesthetics between each season, from prehistoric scalloping in bubblegum hues to his take on nude way back in 2007 for his Central Saint Martins graduate collection, Kane ensures his audience will never be bored.

The moment the first apocalyptic print mini dress hit style.com for this season's Resort collection, Kane was making the seemingly unfashionable, fashionable. When you mix mushroom clouds with cut-out bodycon dressing, you get fashionable war. Far from the combat boots and military shoulders that have been stomping down the catwalks this season, Kane delivered a highly covetable collection of digital sky-scape prints, leather, cropped blouses, soft dresses, bodycon silhouettes, oversized tee's and the standard chunky heel (also swathed in print inspired by 60s nuclear bomb testing).

Reminiscent of both Josh Goot and Friederich Gray's affinity with hypercolour print and Rodarte's penchant for colour combination, it seems Kane has come up trumps combining these elements to present this dark and picturesque collection.

Check it out for yourself; it's sure to blow you away - literally.

June 6, 2009

RD day one

This morning I woke up feeling fresh and ready to start my new life on my RD. I decided to make a positive start and ease myself into the process by checking out The Valley Markets for some amazing vintage finds.

The amount of good quality stores there has been steadily increasing over the years (even though it's been around for ages) and I was pleasantly greeted by an array of vintage stalls. This put me in a great mood even before my morning coffee. First, I rummaged through piles of badges, skirts, blouses and silk scarfs. Pulling myself out of my daze I realised this was not what I was looking for. I was looking for a tu-tu, beat up boots, something white and lacey and a fur.

I could sit here for hours telling you all the miniscule details of my shop today, including vintage Emanuel Ungaro pants (similar to ones I own already, but because they weren't mine, they were automatically awesomer), bag after bag after bag, amazing jewelry, head pieces, a silk blouse reminiscent of the digital print used in Friederich Gray's latest Transgression collection, and shoulder padded blazers as far as the eye could see... but I'll just show you what I bought instead.

Excuse the bad quality photos. I had to decide between awkwardly contorting my body to get a snap with my blackberry, or standing in front of my boyfriend's Mac. I chose the latter.

midriff lace blouse $10
leather shorts $15

floral skinny jeans $35

June 4, 2009

Recession Diet

It's official. I'm on a diet. This is not your average crash diet. It involves no meal replacement shakes, no cabbage, no soup, no lemon and pepper water and definitely doesn't entail me swallowing pills that blow up in my stomach and make me crap out everything (no matter how little the amount) I eat.

This diet, however, does involve a hefty amount of determination and goal setting. I have to train myself hard for this diet to work. It will take lots of long, hard hours. Lots of discipline and lots of restraint. There will be no caving in, nor is there any turning back. Sacrifices will be made as I surrender myself to the Recession Diet which I've lovingly named RD (for effect, of course).

The basic guidelines to following the RD are as follows:
  1. No online purchases over $30 incl. postage
  2. No browsing in designer boutiques
  3. All purchases MUST be second hand
  4. No shopping in urbanised parts of the city
  5. No wish lists
  6. It can be vintage, but it can't be expensive
  7. Looking homeless is acceptable
  8. Wearing anything "this season" is not
  9. Nothing shall be purchased at rrp
  10. Eating out is a thing of the past
Of course all this means a whole lot (more) outfit repeating, borrowing off others, begging, hours of clawing through dusty thrift stores and treks to the outer suburbs of this city to utilise the lower price ranges per zone.

Why am I doing this? Because once I set a goal, I soon realise the ridiculousness and grossly unachievable objectives I have set out for myself. So to ease the process, I work out what will hinder my progress and then navigate a route around these obstacles. Hence the RD. Sounds like boot camp? Well for a decent car and good credit rating, I'm willing to sacrifice it all!

My RD is in full effect as of right now. So to get me started, I've collaborated some inspiration to get me going. I'm confidant I can easily replicate the following with a mix of the right vintage finds, what I already have in my wardrobe and a bit of DIY.

I can't wait to find my first pair of beat-up boots!

Feel free to comment with any tips/advice/horror stories/success stories et al.

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