June 4, 2009

Recession Diet

It's official. I'm on a diet. This is not your average crash diet. It involves no meal replacement shakes, no cabbage, no soup, no lemon and pepper water and definitely doesn't entail me swallowing pills that blow up in my stomach and make me crap out everything (no matter how little the amount) I eat.

This diet, however, does involve a hefty amount of determination and goal setting. I have to train myself hard for this diet to work. It will take lots of long, hard hours. Lots of discipline and lots of restraint. There will be no caving in, nor is there any turning back. Sacrifices will be made as I surrender myself to the Recession Diet which I've lovingly named RD (for effect, of course).

The basic guidelines to following the RD are as follows:
  1. No online purchases over $30 incl. postage
  2. No browsing in designer boutiques
  3. All purchases MUST be second hand
  4. No shopping in urbanised parts of the city
  5. No wish lists
  6. It can be vintage, but it can't be expensive
  7. Looking homeless is acceptable
  8. Wearing anything "this season" is not
  9. Nothing shall be purchased at rrp
  10. Eating out is a thing of the past
Of course all this means a whole lot (more) outfit repeating, borrowing off others, begging, hours of clawing through dusty thrift stores and treks to the outer suburbs of this city to utilise the lower price ranges per zone.

Why am I doing this? Because once I set a goal, I soon realise the ridiculousness and grossly unachievable objectives I have set out for myself. So to ease the process, I work out what will hinder my progress and then navigate a route around these obstacles. Hence the RD. Sounds like boot camp? Well for a decent car and good credit rating, I'm willing to sacrifice it all!

My RD is in full effect as of right now. So to get me started, I've collaborated some inspiration to get me going. I'm confidant I can easily replicate the following with a mix of the right vintage finds, what I already have in my wardrobe and a bit of DIY.

I can't wait to find my first pair of beat-up boots!

Feel free to comment with any tips/advice/horror stories/success stories et al.

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elisabeth said...

i wish you good luck!this diet sounds hard but worth it, are you saving up towards something? wish i had the willpower to do it as well lol.

oh and just to let you know the 1st picture of the boots is actually mine :) its a picture of a small fraction of my many many black boots, yes i admit i am slightly addicted!

Anonymous said...

another fabulous post!


M I A N N said...

@elisabeth: Really! You are so lucky I'd kill for a collection of boots like that. I found the image on a pretty old post on withasianstereotypes.
Thank for the well wishes. I think I can do it

Emz said...

Good luck! It's a healthy diet haha! And looking homeless is increasingly acceptable I feel- with all those "destroyed" shirts and shredding and deconstruction going on lately... =)

Ella said...

love all these photos! especially the first picture of the shoes!
good luck on the "diet" hehe :)

please visit me at:

Damsels said...

look long and hard .

try to go to thrift shops on random days.

and uhmm . i love your diet , very wammet friendly
We Were Damsels

Anthem said...

May your "diet" bring you many a beaten-up boot, extra $$$ and a wide smile at your sheer genius.

Love your blog and your writing. I'm also a Journalism student at QUT. Hows that?!


mufti said...

mmm i am on exactly the same diet

CAMILLE said...

hahah that is hilarious...good luck! best tip I have is EBAY & OPSHOPS :)

Camille x

Anonymous said...

wow, just came across ur blog!
i havent found a blog that ive 'actually' read in a looooong time!! it f.u.c.k.i.n.g rocks!!
ps is miann ur real name? miann is my nickname, ive never heard anyone else use it!!!


M I A N N said...

@midnight fashion: thanks for actually reading!!! Yeah I was born Miann. It's Irish Gaelic for 'desire'. I've never met anyone born with the name, just people nicknamed like yourself. Its pronounced like the boys name Ian, my with an M on the front xx

Emma said...

Good idea!!! I wish you luck. And to give you hope, yesterday (in my scungy local salvo shop) I bought an awesome pair of shoes for $4 and a sick tweedy oversize blazer for $10. x

Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

Those boots are literally to-die-for. I am desperate for a cute pair of boots to team with a dress a la Alexa Chung. LOVE IT x

loft in soho said...

cool cool cool shots!!!! <3<3<3


Anonymous said...

this is great :)


trigg and trig. said...

wowee. stay strong girl!
sounds like some fun restrictions.

ps. the jumpsuit is still for sale but no one had bid... is not one bids.. its yours and you can just pay me however and i'll send it over! its magical.

FashionJunkie said...

love the boots
comment/follow my blog http://fashionaddress.blogspot.com/

pistolwhipped said...

haha we are also looking for beat up boots. please post if you find some! good luck. we are both very poor aswell. as long as there is money for ciggarettes! ha xx

Kat George said...

My RD is the opposite- buy less, spend more!

Obviously I have to curb previous habits of shopping every week, but now I just buy one really amazing thing that's maybe a bit more expensive but will last longer, or is a real statment peice!

Good luck though, I think your diet is still more satisfying than mine because you can probably shop a whole lot more! And you'l look hot too!


Anonymous said...

best of luck!!! i surely would not be able to do it...

fourteenfashionstatements said...

i went cold turkey last year and it did NOT work, so good thing you're not depriving yourself!
my favourite outfits are the ones i've found from the thrift store. just get a big long t-shirt thing or large dress, and sew along the inner seems to make it more form fitting. bam, ultra cool sixties mini, for like, seven bucks. :)


Goodluck with it!
You'll find amazing things in op shops, you just have to make the effort to trawl through everything! x

Anonymous said...

hehe your so funny and awesome
GOOD LUCK!! darlinggg if you were in ny you could just watch my daily life and be a pro at this RD haha
im serious...
so whats new???
ive got comments on the new blog so add it!

Noshabelle said...

GOOD LUCK!! (I'm trying, and I'm dying lol)

McCall said...

the photos are awesome! i love the fourth and fifth!! =]

n_at__al_ia said...

i want to lick your blog.


anne said...

miann, i have no idea how you find the time to blog the way you do, but it's fucking sick. insert other pathetic compliment comment here, etc.

prettypleasure said...

i should really be on ur diet it sounds pretty good i must admit!
let me no how it goes

prettypleasure said...

i should really be on ur diet it sounds pretty good i must admit!
let me no how it goes

marie-celeste said...

this has nothing to do with anything but ive been looking to find a way to put on weight without eating - what is this pills that blow up in tummy i hear of?

Anonymous said...