June 17, 2009

My Self-promoted Promotion

I have just discovered Polyvore. In this context, however, the definition of "discovered" is altered dramatically to suit my circumstances. I've come across the website many times yet only momentarily marvelled at its inspirational collections or "sets". I've also seen all your posts on your own Polyvores, it's just that until now I had never "discovered" Polyvore in the sense that I hadn't joined and wasn't hooked. But thankfully now, I am.

Being passionate about both writing and fashion it comes as no surprise that fashion publications have always inspired me parallel to wanting to actually have a career that ends up somewhere between freelance journalist and industry-leading magazine editor.

For now, I'm an independent blogger feeding off your comments and pretending they're some form of payment for my job of posting on Fashionfalsehood. That's as far as I've gotten in my thus far miniscule fashion-journalist career. It's fine, I like blogging anyway, I'm totally okay with it because posting on here lets me pretend I'm a real journalist working at a real fashion publication. I get to be my own boss, write what ever I like and at the end of the day when I put my exacerbated draft on the editor's desk, I feel overwhelmingly contended when she clicks "publish".

I have a pretty good office. It's certainly no corner office over-looking Central Park on 5th Avenue, New York; but it's got a comfy chair and I'm allowed to excessively stick my personal photos and inspiration all over the walls, not to metion the fantastic and flexible working hours. No one in my office ever forgets to fill the ice-cube tray, nor do they forget to refill the jug. I get to set the air confitioning to whatever temperature I like and I get to look as ugly as hell at work because every day is Casual Friday here at HQ.

Working freelance in the writers department at Fashionfalsehood is a dream come true with all the perks a journalist could ask for, however with the advent of my own Polyvore, I now work in the fashion department too.

My Sets:
Floral Minimalist
Street Corner Pt. 1

Street Corner Pt. 2
Snakeskin WishesLady Noir

*Please link me to your own Polyvore profiles or alternatively add me as a contact.



gah these are nuts!
nice work on your promotion!
was always wondering how 'these blogger people' put together those outfit rectangles! will investigate now! xx

closeup said...

wonderful! i can imagine each of them very well but I think I'd prefer the 2nd one :)

Emma said...

Looking good! haha my lil sister is ADDICTED to polyvore. I make all my montages on Photoshop though.

prettypleasure said...

u are now my number one blog to follow - pretty sad i have zero followers at the moment :)
yes im a bit of a newy but anyhoo your blog amazes and interests me!

Hemaly▲ said...

Your outfits are stellar. I'm thinking about joining Polyvore actually, but haven't decided yet.
Thanks so much for the comments, dear :)

Marie-Louise said...

amazing blog- love these inspiration sets!

Marie-Louise said...

amazing blog- love these inspiration sets!

Francheska L said...

I just added you and liked all of your sets!
truly amazing!

Eleanor Wilson said...

these are super good :D

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

I especially love the floral minimalist set!

jessica said...

sounds like the best job ever !
& gorgeous sets you've got here :]

MONSTE C said...

some are so risky! they all rock anwyay!

c'est freak, le chic said...

I would so work for "Fashionfalsehood" if that ever became a magazine, haha x

F Blog said...

I haven't tried out polyvore for myself yet, I always see everyones sets and it makes me want to do one.. but then I never get around to it! I love everything you've picked though!! Amazing!

watchmerise said...

Let me tell you I love your sets, we have a common taste in fashion.
Hey leave me a tip about street-shopping in NY, I'm going there soon.
thank you

M I A N N said...

I'd love to leave you a tip about shopping in NY.. but I've actually never been there! Cute for thinking I'm from there though, but I'm from the next best place (NOT) Brisbane, Australia.

Krystal said...

nooo i want them all!

oriwa said...

i love polyvore! your sets are magnificent! xx


Anonymous said...

where ARE YOU atm???
(its kelsey)

Mimi said...

So many great things.
love the tie dye and shredded pants

nikieloise said...

Looks very similar to: shopstyle.com. Here's my profile, check it out: http://www.shopstyle.com/users/niki+eloise ALSO, please check out my blog, I'm new to all this, if you hate my blog, tell me! If you have anything you'd like to see change about it (there's not much to it yet!) by all means, TELL me, if it can be more exciting in any way.

preppygoesrock said...

ohhh i love your style...its so amazing!!!
check out my blog

eleniii said...

LOVEEEE ST SIDE PART 1 AND LADY NOIR!! actually truely love it! xx

Isquisofrenia said...

all this outfits i want!!!
so rock& roll so awesome

loves it

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