June 15, 2009

Jessica Hart to Launch Fashion Line

Model of the moment, Jessica Hart, is said to be launching her own fashion label. With a successful modelling career under her belt and a Victoria's Secret contract ahead of her, Hart's plans to dabble in designing will no doubt be well accepted by the industry. "I'm also in talks with people to design my own line of clothes in collaboration with a charity, but I can't say much on that right now," she said.

Other fashion It Girls to utilise their celebrity status and cash in on their creativity include: Cult model Erin Wasson who guest designed for skate brand RVCA and model/actress Sienna Miller who with her sister created Twenty8Twelve.

On the other end of the celebrity spectrum there are the not-so-internationally-acclaimed Australian beauties who have found more success in designing. These include: Gail Reid for Gail Sorronda who was recently snapped by The Sartorialist before her show in Sydney, and the enchantingly beautiful Kym Ellery, behind her eponymous label Ellery.

Given Hart's unique look, accredited and nonchalant personal style which is more than likely bred from her Australian casualness, we're hoping Hart's first collection will embody these qualities and prove to be as lucrative as her career (and as hot as her boyfriend).

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Posh said...

Wow, that first photo is so gorgeous! <3 <3

Emma said...

I love Jess Hart - awesome style and seems like she would be such a fun nice chick in person! Are you in end of semester at the moment hun?

Anonymous said...

awww yayy!!! cookie!
you already talk like you are being paid big bucks to work at a magazine!
and i heart jessica hart so this is awesome
i hope its lovely and is available in the US.
and who's her boyfriend?

susie miller said...


and thankyou for the lovely comments on my blog! xxx

JULIA said...

yay :)

M I A N N said...

UPDATE: I've added links and included a few more model-turned-designer hotties to drool over

Miann x

Chickygirl said...

Thanks! I chose the second pair=) I can buy the other pair next month=)

trigg and trig. said...

wow, awesome post.
i love learning things, cant wait to see the line.

F Blog said...

She's gorgeous and I'm excited to see her line!!!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the comment, I love your blog :)

jessica said...

ouuh, she is GAW-JUSS ♥

mufti said...

i didn't know kym ellery was a model? didn't she just work at russh before doing ellery?

Rene Cav said...

I love your blog!! Great post on jessica hart!!

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Yah, She's my new obsession.



Anonymous said...

new post on BEACH tell your friends!!!

preppygoesrock said...

i cant wait for this since she has an amazing sense of style!
check out my blog

angie Leopold said...

so pretty!