March 28, 2010

From The Vault: Noir


Since I chew up most of my computer's space with assignments and images I've decided to give you all a peek into the 'insipration' folders I've been hording from about 2006. This is my first instalment titled"Noir".


images: le fashion, thrillsandfrills, outsapop, jak & jill, no idea?

March 23, 2010

Backstage Daze

Some fantastic backstage shots by Dazed Digital of the AW10 shows.

yslgaimbattista valli
hussein chalayan

March 22, 2010

Jak&Jill went up Sydney Hill

Tommy Ton of Jak&Jill and Susanna "Susie Bubble" Lau of Style Bubble are roumered to sit-pretty in the front rows of Australian fashion week this year in May.

Is it wrong of me to be more excited about their visit than the actual clothes? I mean, no doubt we (bloggers) would have sussed out all the look books and purchased pieces prior to the actual parades so in retrospect, the only new thing about RAFW will be the presence of these blogger phenomenons. Right? Wrong? What do you think?


Source: PedestrianTv

March 21, 2010

Old News is still Good News

Yes the Balenciaga show was likeomgthreewholeweeksago but I can't refrain from posting these creations by Ghesquière for the FW10 Balenciaga collection.

Ghesquière's ingenious cocktail of 70s pastel colours, injections of linoleum, domestic themes and a hint of Sperry Top Sider has me positively drooling and not looking forward to the coming winter.

If the domestic bliss of Spring Cleaning could be encapsulated in a shoe, this would be it.

images via deelightful

March 19, 2010

Temporary Portfolio

I came across this cute website called Carbonmade that lets you do up a quick and easy online portfolio. I'm in the developing stages of as an online body of work that will have a big "HIRE ME" button! No joke. The economy is awful and we're all looking for work, right?

Anyway they're fun to browse through not to mention totally lucrative! Click on the image below to access mine.


March 18, 2010

Buying Blackouts

Am I the only one that experiences these? Like a literal black out?

I bought and paid for a dress about two hours ago and just got an email saying "Thankyou for your purchase."


I actually had no idea what I had bought.

Thankfully, it was this dress:


images: American Archive eBay

Play date

My friend and I had a play date with black lipstick. However, we were forced to substitute our lack of lipstick for a liquid black eyeliner. Quite effective. Tasted horrible though. I do not recommend.

March 16, 2010

My Boyfriend's a Stud

These slouched, slashed and studded babies arrived in the mail today. I ordered them from PAWS ON ANNIIEEMAL. Celine studs the shit out of everything and it's fantastic.

Look forward to an outfit post feat. my studded boyfriend shorts. They're just so damn slouchy!

images: Paws On Anniieemal

March 10, 2010

Style Icon: Kate Lanphear

Just in the middle of my regular Kate Lanphear style stalk looking for some winter inspiration.

images: Stockholmstreetstyle, Jacandjill, Sartorialist, Facebook

March 9, 2010

Dame Edna Chic

So I had this absolutely adorable neighbour when I was younger. Nanna Dott I called her. She always had a "blue" rinse - even though it was purple - that I always wished was mine. It was the 90s, so what if I wanted purple hair?

Anyway, with the saturated influx of the pale hair trend I can't help but wonder what all the little old ladies and their darling blue rinses would think.

Do they feel involved in fashion? Do they feel fabulous? Or do they think we're copying the one thing they have their signature on, afterall, they've lived through all the fashion we're wearing these days?

I'd love to sit down and ask Dott, but lord knows where she is these days. Bless her.

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March 3, 2010


For now I'll skip the pow-wow and let this picture do all the talking.