March 22, 2010

Jak&Jill went up Sydney Hill

Tommy Ton of Jak&Jill and Susanna "Susie Bubble" Lau of Style Bubble are roumered to sit-pretty in the front rows of Australian fashion week this year in May.

Is it wrong of me to be more excited about their visit than the actual clothes? I mean, no doubt we (bloggers) would have sussed out all the look books and purchased pieces prior to the actual parades so in retrospect, the only new thing about RAFW will be the presence of these blogger phenomenons. Right? Wrong? What do you think?


Source: PedestrianTv

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Luzhilda said...

the world is a very strange place. At the last Madrid Fashion week, during the shows everybody was more concentrated on the bloggers on the front row rather than in the collections. For me it is a little 0_o