December 14, 2010

Lust List: Bra Lovin'

Following on from this post, here is some more fluro bra lovin' via One Teaspoon's 2011 winter collection - though I can't say I'm a fan of Bambi's pained expression. Hasn't the poor dear heard of prunes?

I Hurt I Am In Fashion

Can I just say that this blog genius. That perfect balance between witt, irony and truth. The minimal text combined with beautiful images equates to a powerful observation of the fashion world. It will really open your eyes.


Who needs arm holes?

For fashion's sake, I know this trend is old, but that doesn't make it just as wonderful in all its deliciousness.
This fussy, dignified old lady look has been reworked by those gracing the "pages" of street-style blogs world wide and is now a trend even I have seemed to manage to pull off. Packing for my trip to Sydney tomorrow, pressing clothes against my body and yes, sheepishly peeling off my blazers and donning them like a cape. I LOVE it, and I'm glad I'll be able to try it in the cooler(ish) weather down south tomorrow. We'll be shooting the next round of images for Beginning Boutique so stay tuned into my twitter for some behind the scenes action.


  images: jak&jil, fashionista

December 8, 2010

Céline wears the pants

Now it's nothing new for designers to dictate what we must have in our wardrobes, but according to Céline, "Five Perfect Pants" is all a fashionista needs - and I feel quite happy to oblige considering last night creative director Phoebe Philo won designer of the year at the British Fashion Awards. So what are these Five Perfect Pants?
  1. High-wasted wide leg
  2. Pleted and tapered
  3. Men's straight leg
  4. Cropped tube leg
  5. Flat-front tapered leg


December 2, 2010

Grazia Up Late: The Aftermath

Following on from Sydney's pioneering Grazia Up Late at the Intersection Paddington, the buzz surrounding the Brisbane event could be felt city wide weeks prior to last month's night on James Street.

Loz of Vogue Contradiction picked me up in her mama's pimpin ride and we whizzed across town listening to phat beats all the while complaining about a) the rain, b) our bank accounts and c) how we got ready in under five minutes after working all day. Lame central, right? WRONG!

Turning into James St at around 5pm the style spotting had already begun. First we saw the news crew outside the then unfinished Rebecca Manning pop-up store which was built specifically for the night. Next I spotted the Black Milk model in all her six-foot glory who I later found playing the part of live-mannequin at the amazeballs Calexico grand opening. We got a pretty decent park (sometimes it pays to look like shit and arrive early), and made our way past The Tribune and Easton Pearson. We could hear the music, see the fashionista's eyeing each other off and then like the red sea parting infront of Moses, we saw our holy grail. Behold,'s flagship boutique in a wash of pink light, schmoozy cocktail music and every Brisbane it-girl bumping oversized Balmain-esque shoulders in the one room.

We hobbled over to the store facade (yes, our platform heels prevented us from dropping everything and running) and proceeded to fog up the glass leaving sticky nose smudges, only to realise that the door was a few meters to our left and we were infact permitted to enter this shopper's dream. Tossing  asside our wet umbrellas as if they were as out the LV Monochrome, we entered the room and immediately spotted  Frockshop PR girl Jessy Cameron of Wide Awake Thoughts in the middle of interviewing Camilla Freeman-Topper of camilla&marc (OMG) before being tapped on the shoulder by a handsome gentleman asking if I would like a champagne. Pol Roger? Why, thank you.

A few air kisses, customised FS cupcakes, battles in the changrooms and a limited edition Kelly Smith  x Frock Shop totebag later, I walked out with the much blogged about Arnsdorf Jersey Strap Skirt in Nude. Holy crap. This was lit-er-ally the first time I'd worn a skirt since high school - even if this one does just cover my derriere. To combat my fear of skankiness, I have since teamed it with my grey suede wedges from Aldo, a luxuriously soft model cotton loose fitting grey tank and a grey/blue silk Country Road blazer. Since dying my hair I've really been getting into grey. But I'll leave that for another post, another day. 

Where was I? Oh yeah. Heidi Middleton was rumoured to be mingling in Sass & Bide, so we trotted over and traipsed through the store, noting all the pieces I'd seen around and a few others I hadn't. I was pleasently surprised. Immediately we spotted the taller than expected one half of Sass & Bide. More than anything I was looking for the star tattoo that my thirteen-year-old self had so unapologetically admired. And there it was, in the flesh - not to mention the amazonian woman in an amazingly styled outfit.

Oh, I also bumped into Tom from Felix&Slink - all the while making a total ass out of myself on my way back to the car (instert stammering and stumbling here) from the Calexico opening after three too many Veuves and french martinis.

The result? See for your self...

some of the FrockShop staffers and the delicious customised cup cakes
Camilla of Camilla and Marc with FrockShop Director Marnie Goss
Lauren of Vogue Contradicion and myself

To top it all off, yesterday I was notified by @bdashing that one of my drunken tweets had made it into the pages of this weeks Grazia magazine. Woohooo!!

November 18, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Beginning Boutique

If you follow me on twitter you would have gotten a glimpse of the massive shoot we worked on last Thursday for Beginning Boutique, one of our newest clients at Jesselle PR. We are working on a total overhaul for their website, taking a more direcitional and stream lined approach, so naturally the first step was shooting the spring/summer range and lookbook. Taking influence from Nasty Gal, Gerry Pepper Vintage and a little bit of Erin Wasson the shoot was a total success - not to mention the styling was ah-mazing Seriously. The models, stylists and the assistants all brought along pieces from our personal wardrobes, enough to fill an entire dressing room and all the tables in the studio. The amount of collective junk we had was intense. There were suitcases filled to the brim with hats, props, toy cameras, accessories, shoes, handbags, jewellry, makeup, books, and other trinkets - all of which you will note once the shoot is released. But for now you can catch varying glimpses of it here, here and here.

November 15, 2010

Outfit Post But Not Really

Ok so I know I haven't been posting much (if not at all) lately. This is partially because after the uni  semester ending, I have since managed to avoid using my computer as it brings back memories of 36hour long days,  melt downs on the library floor and having sleep overs in the twenty-four hour computer labs at uni... Yes, I took my pillow. Despite all this technology induced anxiety, I got up early this morning and thought I'd have a play around on Polyvore to freshen up Fashion Falsehood.

So this set is a replication of what I wore to work the other day, though with an obvious substitution of my scrappy shoes for the Acne wedges and my $12 shorts off Etsy for some delicious Stella McCartney ones. You get the picture.

To illustrate it's accuracy, I even showed it to my boyfriend and his initial response was "hey, that's you!" Ten points darling.

Bag, Nine West; Watch, Michael Kors; T-shirt, Witchery; Ring, Witchery; Belt, Vintage; Shorts, Stella McCartney; Wedges, Acne.


November 4, 2010

King Kling

I'm not usually one to follow the style of fashion's cult elite, but rather head to blogs like Jak&Jil where the focus is all on the smaller details. You can read more about that in my interview here. However, in true Fashion Falsehood style, I am going to oppose my own self-righteous oppinion and publically drool all over new 'it' girl Elin Kling of Style by Kling. Why make the exception for Kling? Because it's rare that you find a style icon who can make the basics seem so un-basic, and get it right time and time again. Oh! And she looks fantastic in mustard. The rest you can work out for yourselves...

all images: style by kling

October 28, 2010

Alice the Camel has...

...the perfect outfit.


October 14, 2010

Dear Diary

Buying your yearly diary.

It's a big decision, a decision we only (hopefully) make once a year - and if you're like me and can't live with out your diary, then you hope and pray that you're not going to be sick of it come December.

I Finally bought my 2011 diary the other day and I'm already filling it up. I've been using the same brand (Kiki.K) for  three years now. I refuse to change. I tried Moleskine in 2007 but lost it mid year and I suppose that was the end of that.

Do you have a particular favourite brand that you like to buy again and again?

Are you a free spirited Moleskine collector, an old-school Collins secretary or a sweedish inspired kiki.K/Typo/Smiggle girl? Or perhaps something else?

inspiring office images: gary pepper vintage

October 13, 2010

Brunette's wardrobe

Now that I have brown hair, I figured it's the time to try new colour pallettes and steer away from my all black and white uniform. I get this eery feeling that I look like a goth chick when I wear all black now. Morticia Addams. You get it.

You may remeber/care/dream about every single night this old post about Chloe Sevigny giving me the shits becuase she looks so good in mustard. I'm going to try it from now on, and I think the below jacket/draped shorts combo is the perfect place to start.

October 12, 2010

Fluro in small doses

Is apparently completely okay with me...

"It's actually best you don't stare directly at it in daylight unless you have cancer council approved sunglasses." - Alexandra Spencer.


October 6, 2010

Now on Twitter!

So now I'm tweeting all the "interesting" garb that I'm not blogging. Follow me! @MiannScanlan

To celebrate - here's a classic (ruined by Eurotrash pop sensation The Saturdays) that I deem rather fitting for the occasion....

Look at those girls go!

Share's street-style love triangle

Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil has just released his PFW round of photos for entitled "tommy, can you see me?". I'm super excited, I can't wait to click through the collection of images, but before I do, I can't stop myself from doing a quick check to see if The Sartorialist aka Scott Schuman is still contracted to as resident street-style blogger (he has been since early 2007).

He is. He still holds the link that he's always had.

So why does the byline to Tommy's collection read "Everyone's favourite photoblogger, Tommy Ton of is back in action at Paris fashion week."

I don't know.

But the photos are amazing. I'm going to hunt around for some more info on this love-triangle. you cheeky devil! In the mean time, feel free to drool.

images: by Tommy Ton


It just won't go away

And I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing or not...
It's already everywhere, and it has been so for quite some time now. It's been done to death by the blogs, by the hipsters, by the high-street, fast-fashion chain stores, hell, I even did it in my vintage DKNY jacket last year (and today with my scarf from Africa - yes I see the irony). But for a trend that is so monolithic in the current, circulating grand scheme of trends, I'm actually surprised to see it feature in the S/S11 shows so predominantly once again.

And it kind of makes it worse that designers don't show in season so we already have it and more of it is coming, and in between those season time frames we get to see every celebrity have their go at the trend, so really, by the time we're all super excited for this season, it's kind of like "blah" to have it thrown in our faces all over again.

Givenchy was soaking in leopard, Carine Roitfeld has been wearing  her's everywhere, (the same jacket as Bryan Boy's). Leopard was the feature of Lanvin's recent pre-fall collection, and if you do a "leopard" search on Net-a-Porter, you return upwards of one hundred items taged with the print - that that doesn't include the designers that are selling straight on Net-a-Porter post show. But with even all this high-end attention, I still can't get over how many blogs have been citing the trend for the past year, and only now it's being picked up and really pushed by the industry. 

I'm kind of over it. Although, seeing the below photo snapped by Tommy Ton, I kind of find it hard to hate.


images: nymag, tommy ton

October 5, 2010

Natasha Poly goes Brunette for Givenchy

Everybody's doing it.

Or at least that's what I've been telling myself since I made the spontaneous decision to do an at-home, impromptu albiet very dramatic/risky colour change from blonde to brunette last week.

Since making the change, I've been noticing the numbers of blondes darkening their locks to brown (even though summer is pretty much here).

Just like this morning when I rolled over and checked my twitter feed. Modelinia tells me Natasha Poly has gone brunette for Givency's Paris show. She appeared on Fendi's runway sporting or famous golden tresses during Milan Fashion Week on September 23rd. Then yesterday, just ten days later, she opened the Givenchy show as a brunette - reportedly dyed by Christophe Robin.

With the buzz surrounding Abbey Lee's bleached out look, it seems dramatic colour changes are the go for S/S11 round of shows. I kind of can't wait to see who or what's next!

Natasha at Givenchy 

Me at Parklife

images: and me

October 1, 2010

Whoa, horsey

Don't you just get a wee bit excited when a trend you used to love gets its second wind? It's such a shame when you first see it die out, like around 2008 when Sass & Bide's harnesses were all of a sudden in full force, then just as fast as they came, they left the scene. But thankfully (like middle parts) they're baa-aack!

For a while now I've been following designer Zana Bayne, who initially reminded me of Paula Kyle Walden which is probably why I fell in love with her stuff in the first place. Her focus on extreme shoulder appliqué and leather harnesses make her the absolute go-to girl when on the hunt for this trend.

A few weeks ago, model Hanne Gaby Odiele was snapped wearing a Zana Bayne tan leather harness ialled "The Basic" in the Alexander Wang show at NYFW (pictured below). Does this not just make you melt a little? Like, could a leather harness be any less BDSM and more street-style than ever before?

To further excite me, New Zealand American designer Nicole Miller (who was invited to show in New Zealand) worked the harness trend into her collection at NZFW. Although a little reminicint of the strappyness of previous Sass & Bide crepe silk dresses and a little whimpy in terms of adopting the trend in all its leathery glory, I still love the look none the less.

images: fashionising and fashionnz

*Thankyou Emma of Rag Pony for the correction


September 22, 2010

Saga does Puberty

It's funny how inspiration works. I might see a girl wearing a teal silk blouse with fluro-green nail varnish. It might inspire me to try a new colour pallette the next day. Someone else might see a painting and be inspired to resultingly put together a photoshoot. Such was the case with London based blogger/photographer Saga Sig of The Never Ending Story. When she saw this painting titled 'puberty' by Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch, she immediately started rounding up her troops and put together this Virgin Suicides meets Lolita pictorial story.

Photos: Saga
Styling: Suki Sou
Makeup: Thomas de Kluyver
Hair: Elvire Roux
Models: Aysche and Olga from FM model agency, Nia and Rebecca from