December 14, 2010

Who needs arm holes?

For fashion's sake, I know this trend is old, but that doesn't make it just as wonderful in all its deliciousness.
This fussy, dignified old lady look has been reworked by those gracing the "pages" of street-style blogs world wide and is now a trend even I have seemed to manage to pull off. Packing for my trip to Sydney tomorrow, pressing clothes against my body and yes, sheepishly peeling off my blazers and donning them like a cape. I LOVE it, and I'm glad I'll be able to try it in the cooler(ish) weather down south tomorrow. We'll be shooting the next round of images for Beginning Boutique so stay tuned into my twitter for some behind the scenes action.


  images: jak&jil, fashionista


Anonymous said...

ahhh they dress so well!


Kimberly said...

great concept for a post. i love your picks.