December 2, 2010

Grazia Up Late: The Aftermath

Following on from Sydney's pioneering Grazia Up Late at the Intersection Paddington, the buzz surrounding the Brisbane event could be felt city wide weeks prior to last month's night on James Street.

Loz of Vogue Contradiction picked me up in her mama's pimpin ride and we whizzed across town listening to phat beats all the while complaining about a) the rain, b) our bank accounts and c) how we got ready in under five minutes after working all day. Lame central, right? WRONG!

Turning into James St at around 5pm the style spotting had already begun. First we saw the news crew outside the then unfinished Rebecca Manning pop-up store which was built specifically for the night. Next I spotted the Black Milk model in all her six-foot glory who I later found playing the part of live-mannequin at the amazeballs Calexico grand opening. We got a pretty decent park (sometimes it pays to look like shit and arrive early), and made our way past The Tribune and Easton Pearson. We could hear the music, see the fashionista's eyeing each other off and then like the red sea parting infront of Moses, we saw our holy grail. Behold,'s flagship boutique in a wash of pink light, schmoozy cocktail music and every Brisbane it-girl bumping oversized Balmain-esque shoulders in the one room.

We hobbled over to the store facade (yes, our platform heels prevented us from dropping everything and running) and proceeded to fog up the glass leaving sticky nose smudges, only to realise that the door was a few meters to our left and we were infact permitted to enter this shopper's dream. Tossing  asside our wet umbrellas as if they were as out the LV Monochrome, we entered the room and immediately spotted  Frockshop PR girl Jessy Cameron of Wide Awake Thoughts in the middle of interviewing Camilla Freeman-Topper of camilla&marc (OMG) before being tapped on the shoulder by a handsome gentleman asking if I would like a champagne. Pol Roger? Why, thank you.

A few air kisses, customised FS cupcakes, battles in the changrooms and a limited edition Kelly Smith  x Frock Shop totebag later, I walked out with the much blogged about Arnsdorf Jersey Strap Skirt in Nude. Holy crap. This was lit-er-ally the first time I'd worn a skirt since high school - even if this one does just cover my derriere. To combat my fear of skankiness, I have since teamed it with my grey suede wedges from Aldo, a luxuriously soft model cotton loose fitting grey tank and a grey/blue silk Country Road blazer. Since dying my hair I've really been getting into grey. But I'll leave that for another post, another day. 

Where was I? Oh yeah. Heidi Middleton was rumoured to be mingling in Sass & Bide, so we trotted over and traipsed through the store, noting all the pieces I'd seen around and a few others I hadn't. I was pleasently surprised. Immediately we spotted the taller than expected one half of Sass & Bide. More than anything I was looking for the star tattoo that my thirteen-year-old self had so unapologetically admired. And there it was, in the flesh - not to mention the amazonian woman in an amazingly styled outfit.

Oh, I also bumped into Tom from Felix&Slink - all the while making a total ass out of myself on my way back to the car (instert stammering and stumbling here) from the Calexico opening after three too many Veuves and french martinis.

The result? See for your self...

some of the FrockShop staffers and the delicious customised cup cakes
Camilla of Camilla and Marc with FrockShop Director Marnie Goss
Lauren of Vogue Contradicion and myself

To top it all off, yesterday I was notified by @bdashing that one of my drunken tweets had made it into the pages of this weeks Grazia magazine. Woohooo!!


Moonlight Serenade said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And cool that one of your tweets made it into the magazine!

Charlotte Palardis said...

fuck yeah!

Bianca said...

Miann you are to effin funny girl!! This has to be the best post I've read all year - LOVE!

Def archiving that issue of Grazia we are!! ;)

B - xx
(aka bdashing) haha!

Loz - Vogue Contradiction said...

ahhh I remember you writing that tweet! Such a fun night. Note to self...don't drive next time and make the most of the Champers!!

P.s need to see you again soon you big minx! xx