October 6, 2010

It just won't go away

And I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing or not...
It's already everywhere, and it has been so for quite some time now. It's been done to death by the blogs, by the hipsters, by the high-street, fast-fashion chain stores, hell, I even did it in my vintage DKNY jacket last year (and today with my scarf from Africa - yes I see the irony). But for a trend that is so monolithic in the current, circulating grand scheme of trends, I'm actually surprised to see it feature in the S/S11 shows so predominantly once again.

And it kind of makes it worse that designers don't show in season so we already have it and more of it is coming, and in between those season time frames we get to see every celebrity have their go at the trend, so really, by the time we're all super excited for this season, it's kind of like "blah" to have it thrown in our faces all over again.

Givenchy was soaking in leopard, Carine Roitfeld has been wearing  her's everywhere, (the same jacket as Bryan Boy's). Leopard was the feature of Lanvin's recent pre-fall collection, and if you do a "leopard" search on Net-a-Porter, you return upwards of one hundred items taged with the print - that that doesn't include the designers that are selling straight on Net-a-Porter post show. But with even all this high-end attention, I still can't get over how many blogs have been citing the trend for the past year, and only now it's being picked up and really pushed by the industry. 

I'm kind of over it. Although, seeing the below photo snapped by Tommy Ton, I kind of find it hard to hate.


images: nymag, tommy ton


liana said...

Well i personally loved the Givenchy collection...but mainly for the textures. I don't wear leopard print myself, i think i'm not mature enough for it and it's not my personal style.
Though, on the right lady (you mentioned the perfect example, Carine), in a stylish, high end way, leopard print rocks.
What i HATE about it though is head to toe leopard. It's very rare to see that look pulled off. And little girls wearing it in an alexa chung, denim cutoffs, "I think I'm so trendy" way. Vomit.

sorry for the rant!

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

Yessssss those fucking Sass & Bide faux denim shorts. Spew-tastic. Although, for some reason it just doesn't sit right with me, you know, seeing it on someone so "with it" as Carine. I look at her in the SS11 Givenchy and have trouble thinking she looks up to date. If anything she looks behind... Anyway.

Ohh Liana you know I love a good rant hahaha. Please, rave on as much as you like this the perfect platform.Xx

Zoe-Zoie Mayne said...

It never goes away. It's one of those things tht we can't quite shake off