October 13, 2010

Brunette's wardrobe

Now that I have brown hair, I figured it's the time to try new colour pallettes and steer away from my all black and white uniform. I get this eery feeling that I look like a goth chick when I wear all black now. Morticia Addams. You get it.

You may remeber/care/dream about every single night this old post about Chloe Sevigny giving me the shits becuase she looks so good in mustard. I'm going to try it from now on, and I think the below jacket/draped shorts combo is the perfect place to start.


Anonymous said...

such a pretty color!!!!!!

M E L I $ $ A said...

i have a giant mustard-colored longchamps that i looooove! i almost never wear color, but carrying a bag of color counts right?!

Luzhilda said...

the color of the clothes has usually more to do with skin than with hair color, but I know what you mean with the "Morticia Adams" feeling... It happens to me too!