October 6, 2010

Now on Twitter!

So now I'm tweeting all the "interesting" garb that I'm not blogging. Follow me! @MiannScanlan

To celebrate - here's a classic (ruined by Eurotrash pop sensation The Saturdays) that I deem rather fitting for the occasion....

Look at those girls go!



liana said...

hello! now following you on twitter, which I love and wish more of my friends would use.

Yes, I am moving to Sydney. Spur of the moment decsion really. I got a summer job at Myer Bondi so dipping into retail for the first time...hopefully ask if I can get any visual merchandising experience under the belt too.
Well, I have done some research like you suggested and I'm not really sure about FBI.
So I'm working on a Portfolio and want to do some short courses at TAFE or Whitehouse to get it up to scratch. Then I am interested in applying to Raffles College B. of Design majoring Fashion marketing or if I'm super lucky...(wishing but prob won't happen) apply for B. of Design majoring in Styling and creative direction at Whitehouse.
EEeep. How's uni? Have you finished yet or is there still another year to go?

Explendid said...

Really like the video! Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm sorry I write the text in Spanish, I really wanted to traduce them into English, but that takes so a long time!

Like your blog!