November 15, 2010

Outfit Post But Not Really

Ok so I know I haven't been posting much (if not at all) lately. This is partially because after the uni  semester ending, I have since managed to avoid using my computer as it brings back memories of 36hour long days,  melt downs on the library floor and having sleep overs in the twenty-four hour computer labs at uni... Yes, I took my pillow. Despite all this technology induced anxiety, I got up early this morning and thought I'd have a play around on Polyvore to freshen up Fashion Falsehood.

So this set is a replication of what I wore to work the other day, though with an obvious substitution of my scrappy shoes for the Acne wedges and my $12 shorts off Etsy for some delicious Stella McCartney ones. You get the picture.

To illustrate it's accuracy, I even showed it to my boyfriend and his initial response was "hey, that's you!" Ten points darling.

Bag, Nine West; Watch, Michael Kors; T-shirt, Witchery; Ring, Witchery; Belt, Vintage; Shorts, Stella McCartney; Wedges, Acne.



alannah. said...

i was going to point out my favourite pieces, but then i realised i actually really like all of them. goodluck with your exams!x

michelle_ said...

oh god those acne booties are amazzzzinnnggg ! and so is the ladylike camel skirt !

i love your blog sooo much !
very inspiring !