June 12, 2009

The New CK

Move over Calvin. Though we've loved you season after season, we've applauded your overstated minimalism and we still "wouldn't be caught without our Calvin's", there's a new CK in town.

This CK doesn't need a young Brook Shields giving us the low-down on denim, nor does this CK deliver flat and monolithic pallets year after year. This CK has been dishing up some of the most appetising collections of late, and he assures us we ain't seen nothin' yet.

I introduce to you Christopher Kane, though I'm sure you don't require any formalities. Always delivering extreme aesthetics between each season, from prehistoric scalloping in bubblegum hues to his take on nude way back in 2007 for his Central Saint Martins graduate collection, Kane ensures his audience will never be bored.

The moment the first apocalyptic print mini dress hit style.com for this season's Resort collection, Kane was making the seemingly unfashionable, fashionable. When you mix mushroom clouds with cut-out bodycon dressing, you get fashionable war. Far from the combat boots and military shoulders that have been stomping down the catwalks this season, Kane delivered a highly covetable collection of digital sky-scape prints, leather, cropped blouses, soft dresses, bodycon silhouettes, oversized tee's and the standard chunky heel (also swathed in print inspired by 60s nuclear bomb testing).

Reminiscent of both Josh Goot and Friederich Gray's affinity with hypercolour print and Rodarte's penchant for colour combination, it seems Kane has come up trumps combining these elements to present this dark and picturesque collection.

Check it out for yourself; it's sure to blow you away - literally.



The prints reminded me of the digital prints from the latest Friedrich Gray collection.
I quite like it! But it's not my favourite collections from CK.

liana said...

kane is a genius. yes, i see hints of goot too actually.
lovely post, again!

oriwa said...

nice writing style!
very very enjoyable, not to mention great images and style posts.


susie miller said...

OG MY GOD> the print is amazing!!!

thischicksgotstyle said...

Man, I love those shoes!!

trigg and trig. said...

totally the new CK.
great post. he's amazing!

i tagged you too!!


jessica said...

oouh, i love kane .
and this post is very well written :]

Tess said...

love christopher kanes work. the CK collection is very desirable indeed.

and yes, m&o are comment whores.

michellehendra said...

i love the pattern of the first picture! the color from the second!


Francheska said...

Yes he is an absolute legend in making!
the new CK... well said! :)

JULIA said...

eyebrowless alien, but i love the designs. i have always loved the simplicity of calvin klein, but this is a complete opposite type of CK ! love it!

CAMILLE said...

yes as soon as i saw these images, i knew i had to do a post on it...definetly my style...digital prints on silky dresses, I would love to have one of those beauties. i was trying to find if he stocks in australia anywhere but sadly he doesn't :(

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

the color. the structure. the shoes. i think i'm falling head over heels, great post my darling

kiss kiss!
hope to hear from YOU :)
-amy :)



kirstyb said...

Awesome shoes xoxox

She's Dressing Up said...

LOVE the prints

grace said...

dude what a collection. christopher kane was quoted saying hes so fucking tired of all the florals right now.. umm amen to that. this collection is unreal.

whats your fave resort?

preppygoesrock said...

ck will forever be calvin klein and christophers work wouldnt make it in say 10 years.. something new would come up!
check out my blog