September 14, 2009

How did Erin get it so wrong?

Bad skin, over-sized, over accessorised and not to mention the eclectic miss-match of foho and Catholisism. No, I'm not talking about Erin Wasson's Spring/Summer 2010 line for RVCA, I'm talking about the designer herself.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I always imagined that the creator of a collection would hope to channel their designes by embracing and personally projecting them in a positive and creative light. I know I'm going a while back in "cool" history here but Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton for Sass & Bide always managed to capture more attention back stage than the models. They were stylish girls who saw a business opportunity and so employed their style to create their own line. Erin Wasson has done the same, however when presenting her collection, to be quite frank, she looked like shit.

The collection itself was amazing. In this interview by NY Mag Erin revealed how the colour palette was inspired by her pitbull and no doubtedly her California lifestyle. The textures and cuts were all typical Erin traits which never seem to fail her, but I don't understand how she managed to make a fashion-mockery of herself on the day of the show.

Perhaps it was the stress involved in putting on a show, or perhaps it was a case of trying too hard or maybe not hard enough...

Erin Wasson x RVCA backstage

Erin Wasson

All images Marcio Madeira and Greg Kessler for


JadeRose said...

Hmm yeh ive gotta agree with you on this one...when i first saw the snaps of her backstage i didnt actually realise it was on the same day she was presenting her collection. Believe me, im all for her boho style, no one rocks it quite like she does, but a little more grooming a little less too-cool-to-care would have gone a long way to complimenting a collection that is undoubtedly one of the highlights of fashion week thus far!

Adeline said...

i totally agree!!!!!

loft in soho said...

YES! I totally agree too!!!!!


isabella said...

i like your blog :)


JULIA said...

ew. when i first started reading, i was ready to lump you into the group of people who don't get her big, fuck it wardrobe... but then i saw the pictures and YOU ARE SO RIGHT.
She looks baaaaaad. poor thing.

Sara said...

haha at first im like what on earth, whyyy is Miann dissing the collection??? haha but you hit the nail on the head. she was a shocker. i usually love seeing what she wears.. but this time it looked like she was wearing a dirty old floor rug.

Tea with Edith said...

yeah, sometimes she´s doing things that is simply just not working.
I find it quite all right, the collection.

I´m into cheap white wine.

trigg and trig. said...

ya its kind of all over the place

gmt said...

did you hear about the one of the pieces in the collection being a copy of an earlier i think it was Nina Ricci - look it up, the similarities are pretty extreme.

nice blog too


Jyun said...

Wow, I finally found the one person who shared my same unwavering sentiments about Miss Erin. No doubt she makes a good model but her fashionwear debut and subsequent fugly (oversized persian door rug)style leaves me no choice but to deem her as revolting.

Btw, her models look dog-faced with brown dog poo, exactly like her fashion inspiration.

To top it off, this post was made on my b'day. Just wished I had rad it on that day.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree
She is a model not a deisgner and totally showed in her collection, no direction, boring shapes, rip offs of what we've seen before, not as bad as Kate Moss' stuff but models should stick to what they are good at and leave the designing to the talented and the trained!



M I A N N said...

Actually that's not what I was implying at all and I disagree with you wholeheartedly. Perhaps you should read the text before assuming its content based on a title.