August 17, 2010

Advanced Style

Advanced Style, a street style blog focusing on the elderly by Ari Seth Cohen, is easily my favourite street-style blog out there at the moment. I've been following for a long while, almost from the beginning, and it's gotten to the point where I really just can't keep it all to myself anymore. His unique New York based blog has been featured in The Telegraph, NY Time's T-Magazine, GQ, Trendland, The Guardian, NY Mag, et al, and has even been 'tweeted' by Dior. And rightly so. As Cohen's blogger stardom is slowly coming to fruition, I thought I'd share it with you now (yes, so I don't seem behind the times. Isn't that sad?)

Advanced Style's tag line reads as "Proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age" was hard for me to believe at first. I used to think that the elderly were one of two things: Old fashioned or overly eccentric. My vision of old fashioned dressers entailed long silk gloves, knife pleat skirts, awkward waist lines and blue-rinse hair. The eccentric elderly brought images of purple coats, miss-matching patterned bags and OTT reading glasses that framed lip stick stained teeth. Harsh, I know. That was until I shook off my self-actualised stereotype goggles and opened my eyes to the fashion pack that has been around the longest of them all.

Yes, most of the featured seniors on Advanced Style do have their own eccentricities, but I have learnt that anyone who isn't Patricia Field can damn well dress like Particia Field if they wish (and get away with it). Just because they're not sipping on martinis at Bungalow 8, or galloping from show to show during fashion week, it doesn't mean that the superannuated crowd should be largely ignored by the fashion system, nor their old fashioned or idiosyncratic quirks be dismissed as uncoordination.

As quoted in a post on his blog about elderly women colouring their hair (pink, purple, blue, orange, green etc) Cohen says "They defy the conventional expectations that come with aging and instead of fading into the spotlight they shine on as inspiration for people of all ages to remain self expressive, take risks and embrace life."

all images: advanced style


Beautiful Things said...

some elderly people can still be so elegant :) x

Anonymous said...

saaaaa trendy

Darrah said...

Haha I totally want to be that old lady with the big black bow on her head!

Viv said...

these ladies are definitely stylish!

Sister Wolf said...

As an old bag myself, I cringe at these photos and can't help feeling they are being mocked. But I'm finally going over to that blog to take a longer look. Thanks for propelling me into movement this morning!