August 25, 2010

Fashion Film Festival

I know I'm at least two-and-a-bit years late in posting this but truthfully, I've only just come across the A Shaded View On Fashion Film (ASVOFF) festival. The idea of a film festival devoted in its entirety to fashion really just excites me way too much for me not to post this.

Some how up until the point back in 2006 when I stumbled across Erin Fetherston's short fashion film for her s/s 06 Wendybird collection, I had never, ever seen a fashion film before. Gasp! They're around us so much now-a-days, but back then it was  BIG deal for me.

I think I was (and still am) most enamored by this moving medium for portaying a collection, in an industry that is dominated by the still photographic medium. Since the beginning, collections were first illustrated with sketches, then photographs (distributed now across whide variety or tangibale and viral mediums), and then video footage of the collections being presented at fashion shows. This was the "norm". Flip on FTV and you were welcomed into a world of behind the scenes footage, montages of photo shoots and interviews, but there wasn't yet a niche for short films. Sure, there was fashion in film, but no room for film devoted soley to fashion. Or so I thought...

The festival kicks off in Paris on September 24th, then travels over to Tokyo and no doubt Milan. Until the actual festival, you can only view trailors of most of the featured short films, however The Talent House ran an open sumbissions competition in conjuntion with Diane Pernet (founder of ASVOFF) and Tavi (of The Style Rookie) where anyone and everyone could have a shot at being featured in the festival.

All the submitted videos are still up on the page and below are my picks:

Skull and Bones
This one really gets me because I love the justaposition of the aesthetics. The garments are very clean cut, well tailored and give off that 1940's dramatic vibe, but the location is just totally the opposite. It's also not as conceptual as some of the other films which makes it easier to sit back and enjoy, rather than try and understand.

Are you also wistful?
The first scene in the old school house reminds me way too much of Picnic at Hanging Rock - which I loved purley for the fashions and bad Australian accents.


Update 26/08/2010:

Fred Sweet from The Fashion Film Network emailed me last night after reading this post and pointed me in the direction of his own festival, the La Jola Fashion Film Festival Thankyou!!! It looks amazing!


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Anonymous said...

i like the second one better tough the galaxy print is a bit dated. i dont see why their in the woods wearing that.