April 14, 2011

Lust List: Eye-wear

Sequential to my trip down memory lane the other day, as promised here is my current eye-wear lust list.

After going on a trying-on rampage in the city yesterday and pissing of shop boys and girls the mall over (I'm looking at you Shades), I thankfully knocked quite a few contenders out of the competition, however the last few are still vying for the prime position on the leader board aka. my face.

In third place we have the Karen Walker Super Duper Strength frames. Thick heavy frames (me like), round with a hint of cat-eye, perfect for hiding a multitude of sins, even though this multitude can include err, my entire bone structure (me no like). Like, hello, I need my cheekbones! Still, for the sake of fashion I do love these. Swoon!

In second place we have another strong contender from Karen Walker, this time round it's of the  tortoise variety with the Number One's. The structural kitty silhouette frames also remind me of Bat Man, though I have absolutely no idea why so I'm just going to go with it. It worked for me with my old Persol's and it's still working for me now. You do the math.

Coming in under the radar to take first place are the sneaky Betsy frames by Isson. Cute name aside, they're a bit more Bat Manish than the others which I'm tres digging. Also a bit awkward; the frame at the top doesn't quite know what's going on (like me a lot of the time) and it's trying to be cool (me, again) and it's kinda getting there but it still makes you think hold on, do I hate this or do I love this? A bit of an aesthetic dilemma never goes astray. My only problem (who am I kidding). One of many of my problems is do I want the black or do I want the purple which is equally as compelling in the love/hate relationship stakes.

The jury is still out, so I may kind of really desperately need your advice on this one.... s'il vous plait?



Elle said...

the last pair! you can definitely pull those off.

Tala said...

I vote for the Karen Walker's you put in second place, they are just beautiful!!

Annabelle said...
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