April 16, 2011

Shout Out: Catherine Ines

Being the creep I am, I like to keep a regular check on my traffic sources. Some times I'm pleasantly surprised where my traffic comes from and likewise I can be equally confused. For example, the google search criteria that brings me the most hits is "puberty". The strangest search criteria I've ever had was "Danni Minogue cleavage" and the most entertaining was "Miann Scanlan bitch". My all time hits come from links on Francheska's blog Fashion Canvas and this random French babe's blog.

But today's shout out goes to Catherine Ines. This girls' tumblr is beyond. Hot chicks with long hair and even longer limbs, amazing (life)style inspo, crazy man candy and a bit of well placed nudity make for one of my new favourite tumblrs. So thanks for the link love, lover! You're a babe.

PS. It's totally cool if you get totally glued on Ed Westwick's beautiful face. I get it.



liza said...

I love going through my traffic sources as well, it's good fun. I've found some pretty weird search criteria though, haha.

Lovely photos, I love the one of Anna and Karl, haha.


agnes said...

like the pictures

Annabelle said...
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Veronica Lauritsen (23) said...

Love the photos <3

rachel kara said...

Oh Ed - take me away. Perhaps in that sheer number? ughhh


thisiswhati'dwear said...

INCREDIBLE images! Following you xx


The Babushka Ballerina said...

Hot @ Anna + Karl