April 22, 2009

Stellar Coachella

Unfortunately, Coachella this year hasn't lived up to its fashion standards, merely coughing up only a few inspiring styles. The rest was a kaleidoscopic mess of technicolour ethnic prints, fluro, suede/leather tassels, gladiators, playsuits, slogan tees, wayfarers and tragic displays of american-indian "tribal" dressing.

What the fuck happened to originality: the ability to think and act independently? Has Coachella sold out and the desert of Indio now mimics the setting of a cheap retail outlet, or have the hipsters got so caught up in channelling M.I.A that they're crouching in the back alley getting some dude to forge the birthplace on their birth cirtificate from California trailor park to Sri Lanka?

And the award for overkill goes to...

Linlee Allen for style.com

PS. Why style.com did so poorly in their selection of stylish people is way too far beyond my comprehension.

Maybe it was all the acid.


Cari (isnotfashion) said...

LOL agreed. xo Cari

Marina said...

I love love love the person who went full out in the MIA! I have those spandex too and never thought to wear it in that way, but I think I will try it.

Miann said...

She could have done without the leggings. However I like those so possibly without the top.. Something isn't right she looks like she stole from the costume room at her local high school. However I admit, I do hate the rodeo clown (above her) way more.