April 27, 2009

Shoe Heaven

So I was just checking out the latest Maurie and Eve Winter 09 collection "I see Darkness" and nearly wet my pants when I saw the shoes.
I have no idea who they're by and can't be bothered waiting for a nonchalant reply from an unsympathetic receptionist at M & E.
Can anyone puh-lease I.D them for me?

They remind me of these heels MK used to get around in, but way, way more fierce.


nina + seraina said...

all i know is that there balenciaga but you can get a cheaper copy of them which are by sam elderman... i wish i could afford either of them! lucky girl if you do get them!


Anonymous said...

oooh if theyre not the sam elderman ones then let me know!
i know that those were sold out and the balenciaga ones-well lets be serious i cant afford those haha

Sydnie said...

Adoring the shoes! I know that they're Balenciaga ... Jane from www.seaofshoes.com has them. Great blog, by the way!


Miann said...

Oh dude you guys are too good!

Sam Elderman looks like a total poof and his website sucks but these shoes are amazing.

After all that, does anyone know the style name of them?

Emma said...

Check out fashion toast, shes done a few posts about hers and I think she has the style name there. Ive seen a few sam endelmann pairs on ebay (starting bids $400). I die for these shoes - have covetted ever since first seeing the Balenciagas on the runway (and on mary kate). These would actually make my life. sigh. x

pistolwhipped said...

thanks for your comment
you are quite right
i think we are biased because our friend works there
cute blog xxx

blackbook said...

perrrrrrrfect boots...

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

They are Balenciaga Fall 2006 and I have been looking for them since then!
For a very long time have refused to settle for the Sam Elderman's, but now I'm thinking it's the only way I'll ever get something even close to these.
Once again if anyone knows where to find the Balenciagas, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

a bit late i know but i just wanted to clarify that those shoes are actually by maurie and eve, they created a pair similar to balenciaga but i can tell you now that those shoes are definitely by m&e