April 22, 2009

Is it a bird, a plane?

So I've got a cold, I've stayed up all night sneezing and sipping my decaf green tea in search for the correct terminology of this garment (pictured below). Without any help from the Fashionista community, I have thus far come up with the following:
  • cloak
  • cape
  • cloak-cape-worn-as-a-dress
I'll update tomorrow with more images of this mysterious item. But most likely the name will be completely obvious, I'll look the fool and as a result of my ignorance I will recoil in defeat and profusely apologise for wasting your time. Until then... happy hunting.


Hold on. Why do they have matching boots? The Olsens were cute when they dressed the same for like, five seconds.


Marina said...

I think its a cape. Cloak remind me of Harry Potter.

I like the whole matchie matchie... but, not for too long.

Maybe, they just felt like being twins for a day. -- it can be fun.

Paperface said...

Oh, c'mon!! They're best friends! It's bonding over shoes. It's like they're "on duty" in their bff uniform complete with matching booties.