November 25, 2009

Summer of Love

The other night I was staring at images of France and coincidentally my bank balance and bought myself a summer semester studying French at the famed Alliance Franciase de Brisbane.

Secondly, I've secured an internship with a fashion based PR firm down in Sydney over the summer right before uni starts up again in Febuary. This ofcourse will mean daily outfit posts of what will no doubtedly be one of the most enriching experiences of future employment I've had thus far.

Lastly, I finally have a job again and thus have removed myself from the unemployed-stastic category for our government to piss and moan about. For those of you in Brisbane, I now work at Ultra Suite so pop in to say hello and try on some amazing gowns. Also, a local nightclub approached me to be the label coordinator for their monthly fashion parades so if you're going to be in Brisbane on the 4th of December make sure you head to GPO for the show and the champagne.

That's all from me for now;



liana said...

that's great your employed again!!
sydney PR firm....droooool that's exactly what i wanna do :)
hopefully. i'm currently unemployed...but my decision hangs in the balance of my fucking school results.
so maybe next year i'll be in brisbane studying at QUT and i'll pop in and say hi!

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

Oh prey do! You're not from Brisbane then? And aren't you meant to be at schoolies?!

Heather said...

Those photos are adorable! Congrats on the new job.

P.S. Having a $100 giveaway on my blog for some lovely statement jewelry.

Jackie said...

Ooh la la, the world is your oyster this Summer! Kudos.
Your GPO fashion parade is enticing, ensuring cash flow is healthy. :)

Theresa said...

hey, congrats to the new ob. These are very funny shots!

Karolina said...

congratulation! I keep my fingers crossed for :).
Lovely photos.

Jasmine said...

congrats! love these pictures :)

rebecca said...

haha love the pics and congrats on the job! the internship im sure will be great! cant wait for all the outfit posts x

**La Luminata** said...

Haha, love these pics. I love it when models make fun of themselves!

Fashion Chalet said...



anne said...

ah you are coming to join me in sydney! fabulous. where are you looking at living?

Circle of Style said...

Hi Miann,

Just stopping by to show your blog some love. I just found it the other day. Tre chic! I love it!


smartchic said...

that's what you call wacky! i really enjoy reading your blog.