January 3, 2010

Monster and Midget

Meet Monster and Midget. Two Brisbane girls at the intersection of fashion, art, design and photography who despite the economic climate have defied all odds and created a visual feast free of mediocrity and the constricting boundaries of subordinacy new publications commonly find themselves trapped in.

Thembi Hanify and Ashlea O'Neill have for a limited time only released the pre-issue before gaining enough support and advertising to print and distribute M&M down the east coast of Australia. But before all that, check out the preview here.

M&M is a clean cut publication devoting time and effort to effective white space however with the juxtaposition of clinical whiteness against an honest and earthy type-face, M&M is a delight to flip through for anyone with a soft spot for design. It toys with the cutting edge and modernity while paying homage to the delights of that familiar, classic magazine feel.



Anonymous said...

just had a look. your right its exactely how you described

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

it's always mavelous to hear about something new in the fashion world. Great post and great pictures!

Rebecca, Maddy,Madeline and Alec
La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society

Bianca and Isabella said...

ooh i need to check it out!

Anonymous said...

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divine bunny said...


love your site!

vaxcel lighting said...

Love your blog and thanks for the tip on the great reading

kobimaree said...

Monster and Midget have a refreshing and intellectual approach to fashion, which is why I loved it. That coupled with the fact Im a major 'white-space' junkie.

Its a pleasure reading your blog &
Thanks for stopping by Free Radical.

Kobi xx