March 1, 2011

Fluro Part Trois

The third installment of fluro-lovin', however this time 'round it's all in the pants.

Images courtesy of Mr. Newton

You can see prior fluro-bra-lovin' here and here.



Han said...

LOVE the top snap!

sartorial diary said...

i love that brightly coloured pants are fast catching on!
i for one cannot get enough of them!!

bellaandthezodiac said...

We are in love with the bright coloured pants. Bring back colour! x

Stylesis said...

Nice, we love fluro pants, too :) Thanks for commenting on our post!

Jessie said...

Can't get enough colour lately either! Pink pants are just what I need.

cole said...

I love your blog, how gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
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galatea. said...

love these tones xx