May 15, 2010

Subfusco FW2010 The Inhabitants

Excuse the unforgivable sixteen day delay on this post. Just to be unique I'm going to tell you I have absolutely no excuse for the delay apart from sheer lazyness. Worst blogger on earth? Almost.

Anyway, so I get a call from a contact (or a friend-of-a-friend as they say in the real world. I'm going to say contact, it sounds far more fabulous) a few weeks ago asking if I'd be interested in coordinating the monthly fashion shows at an event called Threaded. I'd heard a lot of hype about Threaded, but me being the hermit I am, have never managed to venture along. After a quick exchange of details I decided to check out the forthcoming event to see if it was my kind of thing. Turns out it was...eventually.

So Friday night rolls around and I get there at 7pm before anything too serious starts happening to see how I can help out. A few air kisses later and the next thing I know I'm air kissing my old friend Josh from Subfusco. It's his show tonight!

No sooner was I getting all excited about my friends' show than I am violently thrown into panic mode. I've been informed that one of the models has just pulled out and I'd be "the perfect replacement" considering I was already wearing the appropriate footwear for the show. Are these people insane? Have they seen me? A size ten, 5'7" girl who loves food too much for her own good, in my books, is not the ideal model. Before I had time to protest and plead my culinary case I was being fitted for my two runway looks and whisked over to hair and makeup. Why did I have to be wearing my comfy combat boots tonight? Why! This was not in the job description!

Anyway, once I pushed images of Beth Ditto getting her sexy on out of my mind and got over the fact that I'd be standing next to six foot, size six models, I grabbed a champagne (yes, with a straw) and my packet of cigarettes and started to embrace my temporary albeit absurd role as "model".

Here are some of my backstage snaps and a couple of images from the amazing look book.

Joshua Scacheri backstage - surprisingly calm before the showbackstage



afraid to die young said...

In reply to your comment - I'm still in year 12 at the moment.
Ooh that's awesome not having to have exams because of fashion.
Hope all is well, x.

mademoiselle g said...

Like your blog!


Anonymous said...

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