February 23, 2011

Drop The Pressure

I've really been struggling to find a way to come back to Fashion Falsehood. I feel like the longer my absence, the greater the pressure I put on myself to come back with a bang. I don't want to disappoint my readers with something over-done, yet at the same time I don't want them to keep checking back to find a static web page.

I feel like I need to come back from my holiday (read: hiatus) with stories of travel, elaborate purchases and a back log of posts waiting to be published. Though I haven't really gone anywhere, bought anything or been near a computer long enough to be inspired. That's not to say I've been totally absent from the online world, just temporarily disconnected for an internet detox. It's nice to unplug sometimes. To fall behind the rat race and be totally okay with it.

The best thing about being away from blogging for so long is knowing you're still on somebody's radar. I've received touching emails from old blogosphere friends asking where I am, I've been tweeted by brand new Fashion Falsehood readers telling me the enjoyment they've found in the archives of my writing, and  the enjoyable daily interactions I have with my new friends on Twitter have pretty much stopped me from pulling the plug for good.

So to say thanks to you all, I'm going to start fresh. Even if it is the same old opinionated rants, inappropriate language and pseudo outfit posts via Polyvore, it feels new to me and most of all, it feels right....



Anonymous said...

welcome back Mian, we've missed you!!!


Eloise said...

I look forward to you properly coming back beautiful Miann. I check Fashion Falsehood ritually during my lunchtime, as I quite enjoy living vicariously through you from London... Can't wait to read about what is going on in the life of such an inspiring girl. E-nonymous (hehe Eloweeeezy xx)

Ashley said...

No worries, we all need a break sometimes. I took about an 11 month one myself and came back to find faithful readers and lovely comments. I feel like once you've established yourself, people will always welcome you back. Good luck <3