February 25, 2011

Trick To Try: DIY Nail Varnish

Being one not easily satisfied, I've found myself over the years constantly mixing my nail varnishes to achieve the perfect shade.
My most complimented and favoured concoction is one varnish I liked to call The Lincoln Cherry.

For all you OPI fans out there, you might recognise this as a mixture of Lincoln Park After Dark (an almost-black purple) and Quarter of A Cent-Cherry (a rich blood cherry red)

To achieve this colour - which admittedly now reminds me of the H&M Midnight Passion varnish - mix the Cherry into the Lincoln, and not the other way around. In daylight, keep adding small portions of the Cherry, mixing and testing on your nails as you go, until you achieve the desired effect. The hint of red emanates through the cherry creating a mysterious and sultry and coveatble shade for your mani. 

In summer buy a cheap French-Manicure set, (try Manicare French Nails) and add a few drops of the French White into the French Pink to get that super-pale bubblegum pink to make your tan pop. Tip: Looks awesome on your toes!

At the moment, I'm currently mixing two nail varnishes from work (like literally, as I'm typing this. It's really effing awkward). Both are in the khaki colour way inspired by the Les Khakis de Chanel nail collection. To be honest, they're total failed attempts at re-creating the Khaki Vert and Khaki Brun and aren't quite there in terms of shade. So for the purpose of this exercise lets just call them Medium Grey-Green and  Baby-Poo Brown. Available exclusively at a Nine West near you! Luckily, all they needed was a bit of loving from each other....and now I practically have the Brun for my toes and the Vert for my hands. All for just $20.

All I need now is for Loz from Vogue Contradiction to bring me back some fake Chanel from Thailand and I'll be killing it. Or should I say nailing it? Or should I say manicured? Or should I say polished?


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