June 1, 2011

The Stylist's Apprentice: Brisbane

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my tweet about the mysterious box waiting for me on my desk at work last week. A brown paper box wrapped in red and white candy-cane string with a powder blue swing tag addressed to me had me instantly pouring over what it could be and who it could be from. I carefully opened it to find the cutest invite on earth!*

I told you it was cute! Swoon!

Turns out I've been invited to the crowning of the Westfield Stylist's Apprentice at a cute new restaurant/bar I've actually been meaning to check out!

I haven't RSVP'd because I really shouldn't be leaving the house or even my desk as my final week of uni ever fast approaches, but maybe if some other Brisbane bloggers can twist my arm I might just make a stylish exception.

So the question begs, who else is heading along? Would love to meet/meet up!

*This invite was especially adorable after pouring through millions of  RAFW invites at the start of May. Some were cutting edge (Dion Lee), beautiful (Camilla and Marc) and others were a little bit... wannabe? (Won't name names). However this invite definitely takes the cake for cute appeal.



TatoOm said...

Awsome, im loving ur blog as much as all the style here!!

I became a follower ;)
Kisses from mexico, keep on bloggin' and dont forget to visit my site to let me knwo what u think!

LUCY said...

ahhh look at the little coat hangers and everything, of course the cutest invitation I've ever seen. You should go, not that I'd know but mixing up from the work and study will prob help with uni stress! x x

Chloe C said...

Totally delectable!

Go for sure and take your camera along with you.


il était une fois... said...

omg totally remember your tweet and wondered what was inside that amaze box... tres adorable indeed!! wish i was in brisbane coz id def be twisting your arm to go but i'm not..so go anyway! take a girlfriend it sounds like fun and you'll meet some fab people! <3


Little Jo* said...

I'll be there! on my own so would LOVE to meet up x (yay for Bris bloggers!)

Anonymous said...

are you going to gooo?

Rêh Ferreira said...

What a beautiful invitation!
I love your blog!
I'm following;)

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Cute invites very creative.