July 20, 2011

Steak and Kidney

No, not some type of tres regurgitatable culinary delight  revolt, just a cute (kinda) knick-name for my new soon-to-be place of residency.

Yes, Fashion Falsehood is relocating. Hauling ass onto an abandoned rail road car and freight-hopping my way down to the big time mid-south with nothing more than a suitcase (or four) of clothes, an open mind and one hell of a determined streak.

This time 'round there's actually some legitimacy behind the reason for my lack of blogging. I'm living out of boxes at the moment, my computer is on the floor - not in a quirky New York loft kind of way - and I'm so effing disjointed/excited/nervous/nostalgic/ready to moesy right on up out of here and initiate phase two.

*A shoe closet seemed appropriate because that's what I can afford to live in based on a budget to square meter spatial  ratio. So if you have a sweet shoe closet, shoot me an email.       


liana said...

Are you coming to Sydney?

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the move dear!

Anonymous said...

congrats mimi you are going to kill it girlfriend

Anonymous said...

Hurry up bitch get that fine ass down here!!!!!


Sarah T said...

going to miss you babe! I know your going to be amazing. I hope your stalker gets a life xx

Hayley said...

wow! these are such unique pieces! that neck cuff is absolutely amazing. I cant wait to see all the pictures =)