July 13, 2010

Blogroll Update

So my Google Reader is in desperate need of a makeover. When I have some spare time I try to catch up on old blogs I haven't read in months, only to find they've shut down or have dissapointingly fizzled out into nothingness.

My mission? I'm going to run a mini blog search contest, kind of like ANTM but without the challenges and photoshoots and the winner is, well... me!

I'm open for submissions so if you have any blogs that you think need mentioning (that are otherwise relatively undiscovered), comment with the link and what your favourite thing about them is.

To give you an idea, I'm after blogs that have substance. Yes, yes, I love pictorial blogs like KnightCat and the like, but I want to hear what they have to say, read all about their adventures and get insights into the life of a budding fahionista. Take the following blogs for example:

Kicks and Threads - Karla designs for Staple, Minkpink and Minkpink Swim. She has the BEST style on earth (in my opinion) and posts outfits, inspiration, sneak peaks, very regularly. I predict blogger stardom in the near future.

(Left to right) Rachel, Jessy and Sara

Wandering Babcia - Rachelle is an amazing stylist who has a whole lot of miles under her belt, travelling and blogging her fashion finds and behind the scenes snippets of her continious collaborations.

Wide Awake Thoughts - Jessy (mentioned previously) used to work at Sass & Bide, but now runs the local PR and online communications for FrockShop.com and blogs for FS Style.

Harper and Harley - Sarah is a bit of a babe and a bit of an all-rounder on the Brisbane fashion scene. She also started Fashion Marketing Online, a blog dedicated solely to fashion marketing/pr insights.




Kayleigh said...

Im nominating my own blog because i think i put alot of hard work into it and try to do something a little bit different to what else is out there in the blog world, hope u like it

Jehh said...

I nominate my blog as I am a different sort of fashion blogger. I mix thought provoking inquiries, thoughtful reviews, and simply a mixture of just about everything related to fashion. I am not focused on reposting editorials. I am focused on creating and establishing my own niche. I touch upon topics in fashion that are overlooked, and I even do my own bit of photography. I use my blog for those avant garde people and those who have a meaningful outlook to life, and just see deeper meanings to a variety of things people no longer care about that need to be addressed.

I hope you take my blog into consideration,

lots of love,

liana said...

well i have alot of fave blogs but most of them are quite well known like dandygum, get your plane right on time, LHFC, xxN, bear♥, the showmanship etc.

but today i came across a nice one...personal but interesting...
ummm, otherwise i'll get back to you if i come across some nice ones with your criteria.

Anonymous said...

hmmm there are so many great ones, and it seems like every day I discover more and more inspiring blogs... but a few of my favourites (other than the super well known and those you have already mentioned in your post) at the moment are:


Em is very sweet and sells cute vintage pieces on ebay, but also blogs about her travel adventures and day to day life.


Rach has recently steered her blog away from general fashion/inspiration towards Sydney street style. She has a great eye for cool/different people and looks.

Fave Brisbane bloggers (other than those mentioned of course):


A bit different to your usual personal style blog because it is written by two friends.


I'm sure you have probably already come across this one but she has a fantastic personal style and posts well put together outfits and images.

I am in the process of updating my blogroll too so will be taking note of all the suggestions you get here and maybe 'stealing' those I like... so I will be a winner too! hehe

will post back when it is updated so you can have a ridiculously long list to trawl through if you have a week or so of free time :P


rebecca said...

i love a blog called senseless acts of beauty. just the name alone is amazing! this blog is a photography blog and the girl, jami, who writes it just finds the best photography from up and coming photographers. she also uses quotes and lyrics. its just a great blog to follow.. anyway the URL is
enjoy! x

JULIA said...

I love LHFC too, and a blog called bellechantelle. And yours of course ;)

Anonymous said...

I have updated the blogroll on my little blog so it pretty much covers everything i read daily:



jamie-lee said...

It's definately hard to find really great blogs... my faves are:
blushing ambition, song of style etc although I'm sure you know of those.

Ring my bell is lovely - the girl used to be on "The Beautiful Life" and she has amazing style!!

And, if you feel up to it, check out my blog : http://pagesixxx.blogspot.com


c'est freak, le chic said...

I'm just going to leave a link with my own blog and then hopefully you'll read/see/discover for yourself the reasons why I think it deserves a tiny little space on your blogroll...x


Samm said...

I saw your blog and I wanted to invite you to follow my blog.
Check out my blog @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

With love, Samm

Anonymous said...

A new blog that I came across the other day that definatly has some quality to it....


Anonymous said...

this blog is great for a laugh, i think you will enjoy it http://www.manrepeller.com/

M said...

Came across you via Blackmilk and I am very glad I followed that link. Very refreshing to read.

I am not based in Aus so not sure I am eligible to enter the blog search??!!!