July 11, 2010

Pretty Boy

Melbourne model Andrej Pejic (Chadwicks/Storm) has been the subject of much confusion over the past few months with his gender-bending look having quite a few in the fashion world mistakening him for a her.

Having first appeared on our radars opening the Antipodium show last year at RAFW and now coming to light on the international men's SS2011 circuit (having walked for John Galliano, Raf Simmons, Paul Smith and Jean Paul Gaultier), Pejic has been dubbed the one to watch. Reminiscint of the long haired early 90s version of androgyny championed by Steven Meisel, Pejic's androgynous look is well due for a come back.

The recent RUSSH article about the return of the "all American girl" exemplifies how paralell to wavering fashion trends, types of looks for models also come and go. For arguments sake, take the 'alien' look typified by Gemma Ward for example. Once the novelty had worn off, fashion decided it had had enough of the influx of wide-eyed beauties who would have normally been shunned from the casting rooms and considered too "unconventional" for the catwalks and campaigns of the world. But isn't that the point? That in fashion we appreciate and prefer the unconventional? Sure, we enjoy the classics such as pearls,the little black dress and a splash of Christy Turlington, but isn't it really about the other types of beauty, the types that challenge the norm and make us think?

I find my self marvelling at Pejic the way I'd marvel at models like Daria or Natasha, the way I'd marvel at a female model. There's something about him that is just to stunning. So elegant, so, well... pretty!

Perhaps the reason I am so enthralled by this model is because he reminds me so much of a female. I look at his hair and think "oh his hair really is just so lovely". What male model do I stare at and wish I could emulate? Think about it long enough and it really becomes quite bizarre. Don't get me wrong, I love my scruffy, tough-as-nuts boyfriend who could build me a house with his bare hands (and look damn fine while doing so), but there's just something so appealing about Pejic's anti-adonis delicacy.

What do you think?

images: sonnyphotos, ttlg, storm, models.com


Tala said...

You really chought the point to me.
I totally agree!!

Great post!

Jehh said...

I totally was legit unsure if that was a girl walking galliano's menswear show! :U He's so pretty, this is weird!