July 24, 2010


images: vanillascented, dazed digital, net-a-porter, lula magazine, deelightful, miss unkon, jak&jill, unknown



wow, what a gorgeous overload of gorgeousness! i would die for those baby pink miu miu sparrow platforms ♥ abbey looks amazing in fendi!


" what a gorgeous overload of gorgeousness " sorry, that sounds really stupid.

Rose said...

extremely pretty in pink set!
love that bottom ring, it is incredible

Mery Dorrejo said...

wow, is it a ring the last pic? amazing, i lovit. /

Mery from www.Elastiks.blogspot.com

megz said...

lovely post

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M E L I $ $ A said...

this post makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Hi that photo five down. Who is this dress made by or where did you find that pic. Thanks!

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

It's by Fendi and I found the picture on style.com