June 13, 2011

Interview: Felicity Loughrey, Online Editor at Vogue

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the pleasure of interviewing Vogue.com.au's new Online Editor, Felicity Loughrey.

Why do you love shopping online?
You can do it at anytime. You can find exactly what you're after. And you can find brands that you might not be able to get so easily in your hometown..

What site functionality do you look for most on an online store?
There are lots of online bells and whistles but really I like big clear photos. And if the clothes and accessories are photographed on a real person, that's great too.

Our exchange rate is pumping at the moment, what do you think that means for Australia based online retailers, especially when their goods are available for less in The States for example?
I think Australian retailers have a lot to offer. They're local. Then can ship the next day. And they have first dibs on Australian designers.

What's your best tip for even the most seasoned online shoppers?
Read the returns policy!

Some people have a love/hate relationship with the disposability yet convienance of vertically integrated fast-fashion giants like Zara, ASOS and TopShop. What is your stance on the issue?
You're right, it is a vexed issue. Fast fashion is so democratic and yet over-consupmtion is terrible for the planet. We would say, buy what you love and buy quality when you can.

It was a pioneering moment when Google merged high-tech and high fashion with the launch of its new image recognition technology through Boutiques.com. What do you predict for the future of online shopping?

We agree LikeSense/GoogleGoggles is amazing. And I love when it's applied to personal style on Weardrobe. It's so genius. Facebook is also doing some really interesting online shopping portals. But I'd be hesitant to make any predictions. There's probably someone in the Google Beta Labs dreaming up something we haven't even thought of yet.


Anonymous said...

interesting that she's up to speed with likesense and googlegoggles. obviously deserving of her online role at vogue

lovemins said...

this was really interesting! great post :) xoxo, saskia

Anonymous said...

Hi darling,

Have been meaning to leave you a little note for ages, I love your blog! Great to read about another brisbane girl with a passion for the industry.

Natalia said...

Can't wait to see what she does for Vogue.com.au!

misskathrynelizabeth said...

Absolutely love your blog because it's rare when a blog can still be unique and fab to me like yours is! I'm a new follower through google and bloglovin'! Please check out my blog when you get the chance @ hermajestysglam.blogspot.com and follow me! Thanks for writing an awesome blog and I hope you like mine as well! XOXO,
Kathryn Elizabeth

Sarah said...

Great interview - it's rare when I actually read the whole thing! :)

Snob fashion said...

the girls from aussie love your blog!
check ours out here

Anonymous said...

love it!

Erica said...

Love it! Can't wait to see what she does for Vogue!

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