August 19, 2009

Russh Previews Issue #30

From what we can see, the preview of issue #30 posted on the Russh Blog a few hours ago is a sigh of relief. Expect the exhale of fulfillment we avid Russh readers expel in harmony when we sit down and take a moment to reflect on the awe-inspiring content of the previous issue before opening the glossy issue sitting in our laps.

First you see the familiar type face, the vintage and enchanting photography and then taking it all in at once like stepping back from a impressionist piece of art - the killer layout.

It's comforting knowing issue #30 will be just like the rest. I can't imagine what I'd do if anything about Russh changed. It would be like Vivienne Westwood deciding to channel mid-90s Helmut Lang. I mean what the fuck, right?

Stella Tennant for Chanel 2002

This issue we're going to be getting a short profile on Stella Tennant, a thirty-something Scottish supermodel who had a stint designing a knit wear line for Burberry. She's still a smoking hot hell raiser who is equal part nurturing mother, androgynous crop and all.

So cannot wait for this issue!

US Vogue June 2003


Darrah said...

Sounds fantastic. I'll have to check it out. Great blog by the way! I'm happy to have stumbled upon you.

anne said...

I look forward to the day a 'Like' button for blogs/blogs posts exists.

Jowy said...

definitly gonna check it out! fab post!

One Love,

kirstyb said...

sounds interesting - will check it out xoxoxox

Putri Erdisa said...

whoops, gotta check it out!
thanks for sharing it, dear! great post! :D

please do visit me back anyway.

Jenny H. said...

ahhh love the pictures. thanks for posting. such a cute blog as well. lovezz it.

Hemaly▲ said...

I love Stella so much. Glad she's going to be in Russh soon.

ELVIA said...

ah i love your blog! i'm following u on bloglovin now! :)

i wish i could get a hold of russh mag here :/ the layout is brilliant & gorgeous!

btw, check out my new blog post on the london-based t-shirt line, doodski! :)
def worth the read -

i'm sure you'll enjoy it and i got inspired to do research on the line after i saw a small snippet on the tees in the august 2009 issue of vogue paris. x.

Maverick Malone said...

Looks great! I've not yet read Russh, but I've heard a bit about it and it looks good!!

xox, mavi

Toni Tones said...

I love it

AX80 said...

I really like the editorial in the forest. Lookins forward to see it!

Annabelle said...

amazing, it is wierd that i'm fascinated by crows, even when there sat on a rooftop outside my apartment. i just think they look beautiful in a creepy way. hah x